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What a beautiful wedding trailer by Devin Olson Media! I love how personal it is with stories from both the bride and groom … Devin also took some stills, which I hope you enjoy, too. Dino and Angela tied the knot in Lafayette Square at the Mansion on Forsythe Park in Savannah, Georgia … what a stunning location! Even though this wedding was quite south of the Hill City, it is a perfect example of what one of your local vendors can do. Be sure to check out the work of Devin on his own website by clicking here.

Bridal showers can be a lot of fun, and if you have been an attendee at one, you know that they can range from the tame kitchen/bridal registry shower to the wildly fun lingerie kind. Well, one of our vendors, Boudoir, is here to help brides and their friends have fun with lingerie with showers hosted in their store. Read on to find out more about what Boudoir‘s own Tabitha has to say about their hosted events, and if you stop by their store, tell Tabitha that we sent you … she is the adorable, bubbly redhead.

It’s raining lingerie at Boudoir, and we have the perfect set-up to keep you covered during our showers! Event packages start at $200 and offer 2 options to choose from: Class or Crass.

The Class shower is for girls that like a little more discretion. We send invitations letting your invitees know that this shower is mother-in-law appropriate and offer your guests 10% off any purchase on our gift registry.

The Crass shower is for girls who like to play a little more naughty than nice. We send invitations letting your invitees know that this is not a mother-in-law approved lingerie shower and also offer your guests 10% off any purchase on our gift registry.

Both showers include a champagne toast and a special gift for the Guest of Honor, and the duration of both showers is 2 hours. 

Boudoir can also be rented by the hour for a rate of $50, which is perfect for Book Clubs, Baby Showers, or a Girl’s Night Out. We can help plan, cater and add beverages to any rental – just ask!

For more information on rental options contact Boudoir at 434-384-2722 or e-mail us at tabitha@votreboudoir.com. Also check out the rentals tab on our website at www.votreboudoir.com.

Have you been worrying yourself to pieces about how to get your guests to your wedding location? Worry no more. These 5 different ideas of making a wedding map for your guests will be a simple navigator for your wedding guests, and they are all available on weddingmapper.com, which we recently discovered. Take a peek at the different types of maps they offer, and then head on over there to see if one suits your wedding day needs. The maps are free, but some styles aren’t for the faint hearted, so if you decide to do one grab a latte, put on some music and design away (or pass this job on to you tech savvy fiance!).

1. Quick and Easy – This DIY map is very easy to create in just 6 easy steps and takes little time. This simple map will provide your guests with the most important locations on your wedding day.

2. Quick and Easy with Zoom – This DIY map will let you show a large area and then zoom in to highlight a few key wedding locations. This map will give your guests a good perspective of the local community that your wedding is taking place.

 3. Hand Traced – This DIY map is a bit more challenging and time consuming because you are using traced lines. This map will let you showcase a small area and main roads to guide your guests to/from a few special locations.

 4. Hand Traced with Zoom – This DIY map, like the Quick and Easy with Zoom, will let you show a large area and then zoom in on a couple blocks or small town with a few important wedding locations. But, like the Hand Traced map, tracing is involved so this is time consuming and a little more complex.

5. Half Page -Like the Hand Traced Map, this map is more challenging and time consuming because you are using traced lines. This map will let you showcase a small area on one side of a piece of paper/cardstock and list directions on the other side. You can adjust the paper size to meet your individual needs.

This is such a neat DIY project that would be very beneficial to your wedding guests. To have a template to make one of these Wedding Map Guides visit weddingmapper.com.

Before I start with the news of the news, I do want to say something about our “runner up” couple. As far as the public went, the voting was 53/47, so even the public had trouble voting as did the judges … I had the judges give reasons why both couples deserved the wedding, and they had a difficult time having to make a choice when it came down to it!

Rachel and Daniel are a great couple with a wonderful story, and if I had to choose a winner myself, it would have been more than difficult (almost impossible for me!). She has been very gracious and even sent an email wishing Mary and Quinton the best. I did want to give a nod to Rachel and Daniel and thank them for entering the contest. I hope that they (and Penny!) have a wonderful and happy lifetime together.

Thursday and Friday generated a LOT of excitement here in Hill City Bride”ville” for sure. So much so that WSET, channel 13, caught wind of our giveaway and featured it on the evening news.

Special thanks goes out to the following wedding vendors who pinch hit in a hurry to come and join me (look for their cameos!) for the news taping …

Heidi Baker – The Trivium – ceremony site

Sabrena Deal – The Virginia Photo Booth Company – having a fun photo booth during the reception

Jennifer England – La Bella Torta – making the wedding cake

Leecy Fink – Celebration – providing the gown, tuxedo and bridesmaids dress

We have MANY other wonderful vendors participating, and click here to view the complete listing.

Without further due, here is a link to our spotlight on the evening news. Just click HERE to see it (PS. my last name is Prince!).

I am SO excited about this couple. I called Mary at 7:10 this morning, and she was SO adorable and very excited. She even called Quinton (waking him up), and proceeded to call and text her family and friends. What an exciting day for Mary and Quinton.

Mary and Quinton … getting MARRIED 2/14/12!!

Thank you so much to ALL of our contestants. It truly was a hard choice for all … even narrowing down was really difficult. We had so many deserving couples, but I am really glad that this couple will have the wedding of their dreams … especially so that Quinton’s family will be able to come to the wedding! Also, I personally think it is absolutely perfect that BOTH of their birthdays are on February 14th, which is our I Dream of a Wedding date.

Here is their video when I made the phone call … so exciting!!

I am excited to update you on everything going on with this couple and their wedding planning process. Again, thank you SO much to all of the Hill City Bride vendors that are participating to make this wedding happen. I greatly appreciate it. Congratulations to Mary and Quinton!!


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