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I love having people catch the vision of HCB and want to jump on board! Such is the case with Cami Smith, the newest Staff Writer for Hill City Bride. Cami has a love not only for all things wedding, but she also has a heart for local business women and getting the word out about their amazing businesses. I appreciate Cami taking the time to interview Kasey from Boudoir along with snapping a few photos while she was there. Welcome Cami!

Some may find it hard to believe that a whimsical lingerie boutique in Lynchburg was a man’s idea, or maybe they wouldn’t.  Well it was, and it was genius. When James Forehand suggested it over lunch to his beautifully creative wife, Kasey, Boudoir lingerie boutique became a reality.

After a year of planning and overcoming a few “Am I really doing this?!” moments, Kasey and her manager, Tabitha, who she refused to open the store without, introduced Boudoir to the public. Tasteful slips, gowns, bras, teddies and everything in between hang elegantly around the boutique where classy meets wild.

It was working with non-profit organizations in the area like Amazement Square and Boys and Girls Club that Kasey obtained much of her business experience. The contacts she made through marketing and special events over the years played a big role in supporting the opening of Boudoir.

Kasey, who attended graduate school studying art, chose pink, black and white to create a space that has romantic Victorian sofas and floral accent chairs beside bold black furniture draped with fierce zebra print throws. You can’t help but feel sexy when you walk through the door.

There is a great selection for every type of bride throughout the boutique, a bridal candy shop. If you are a playful bride, check out the skittle bright colors of Cosabella, a flirty lacy collection, or the light feminine styles by In Bloom. If you are a traditional bride, Jane Woolrich Bridal out of London has stunning one of a kind hand sewn gowns that are perfect heirloom pieces. You can even create a bridal registry and get great discounts.

Once you’ve picked out the perfect honeymoon collection, check out the garter belts, jewelry and bridal slippers that make up the Starry Night Collection; all locally made exclusively for Boudoir customers. Then stock up on Sexy in Seconds, everything you need for the big day that you didn’t know you needed: fashion tape to keep that dress in place, pasties when straps just won’t do, discrete safety pins and more. It is the perfect maid of honor emergency kit.

Boudoir is available for private bridal showers, private fittings and bachelorette parties as well as girls’ night out and baby shower events. This Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to check them out for the first time if you haven’t done so already.  They will be extending their hours to accommodate finding the perfect gift for the holiday and will be offering fresh flowers, locally made chocolates and Bodyworks Day Spa and Salon gift certificates for purchase.

Everything about Boudoir is romantically ravenous! We can’t wait for you to experience it!

Designer Collections you can find at Boudior:

Arlotta Cashmere

Brag Bag


Diamond Tea


Flora Nikrooz

Linda Hartman

Le Mystere

In Bloom by Jonquil

Jane Woolrich Bridal

Munki Munki

Paddi Murphy

Plum Pretty Sugar

Pretty Polly


Sexywear USA

Toute la Nuit

Soak Wash


Be sure to stop by Boudoir in the Boonsboro Shopping Center, and visit their website and Facebook page. Again, I am so pleased to be welcoming Cami, and you can get a peek at her at her own wedding below.

  • Sarah S - hi everyone!, I’m new on here and looking forward to being a part of the group

It is the time of year when we are all reevaluating our eating habits, and what better time to have Tonya from TCP Nutrition help newlyweds (and all of us!) get on the right track.

New Year, New You … Two!

The beginning of the year is a time of change for everyone, but if you are a newly wed, you are about to experience one of the biggest changes of your life. Trying to keep those “eating healthy” resolutions can be especially tricky when you are suddenly eating as a pair. Living together generally means that one person cooks for two. What to do if you are trying to eat healthy, but he is used to pizza, burgers and wings?! Here are some tips to keep you on track and keep him happy.

  • Compromise! If he is used to wings on Sundays with the game, suggest that you make them at home. This way he can have some traditional restaurant style and you can make yours baked and skinless at the same time.

  • Veg out. Pizza is another favorite that is healthier, and cheaper, made at home. Buy whole wheat pizza crust and make half with pepperoni and half loaded with veggies. Also, make a green salad to eat before you eat the pizza to help fill you up on greens and make you less likely to reach for that second, or third, piece of pizza.

  • Go lean. If he is dying to throw some burgers on the grill on a Friday night, suggest that you make turkey burgers or choose a lower fat ground beef such as 90% lean. Put them on whole wheat buns or skip the bun and pair with grilled veggies for a tasty low carb meal.

  • Offer to cook for him. What man can resist? Look on the internet for healthy ways to make delicious favorites such as meatloaf and lasagna. There are many ways to alter recipes to reduce the fat and calorie content and to increase the nutritional value. Using lower fat cheeses, creams, and sauces or adding extra veggies to a recipe is often easier than you think and he will likely never notice.

  • Don’t let him fix your plate. Men’s portion sizes are usually larger than women’s, and for good reason. They burn more calories. He is used to portions that satisfy him and these are likely much larger than what you need. If you let him fix your plate, you may end up eating much more than you would normally without even noticing.

  • Try new things together. Go to the local farmers’ market and buy fresh produce. Switch up the burgers for grilled salmon. Try a new vegetarian recipe. The new year brings change for everyone, but this year also means a new life for you and your new husband. Make it a long and happy one by making healthy decisions together!

No matter what time of year it is, eating healthy is always important! If you need help with overall nutrition and planning and implementing good habits, check out TCP Nutrition today by clicking here for their website.

One fun aspect of Hill City Bride is having interns … especially when they are engaged! When Meagan and I talked in November about her being an intern, we were both really excited … THEN she got engaged over Christmas, so it is really exciting having her on board! Meagan is a sharp girl with a good head on her shoulders, and I am so fortunate to have her as a part of HCB for a while.

Meagan came up with this DIY posting on her own, and I think it is a great project for a bride to do for her bridesmaids or even with her bridesmaids. I may just try these cute little hairpins myself. Meagan, and thank you for this easy, wearable DIY!

Some of the most beautiful parts of a wedding are in the details — especially if they are handmade. You can make unique and beautiful hair accessories for guests and bridesmaids (or just for every day wear). Best of all, you can tailor the colors and materials to your own preferences. Here is how.

What you need:
glass beads, fishing line or transparent beading thread, scissors, bobby pins (any size), super glue

1. For the example below, I used glass beads and transparent beading thread. Cut at least two feet of thread to make sure you have enough room. Tie a double knot to attach the thread to the bobby pin.

2. String a long line of beads on the thread to go the length of the bobby pin. Wrap the thread around the bobby pin and between each bead all the way down the pin. If you are using bigger beads, like I did here, you can wrap the beads again.

3. When you are confident the beads are firmly secured to the bobby pin, tie a double knot over a bead and around the pin to finish.

4. Dab a bit of super glue on the knots on each end to keep them tight. Pin your creation into your locks, and be showered with compliments.

For your wedding day hair, I would encourage you to consider one of our fine vendors, such as Mitchell’s Salon on 7th, Bodyworks Day Spa and Salon or SPA 4109.

Hill City Bride is much like a family for the vendors, and new additions to the family are always welcome! I am so glad to have Devin Olson from Devin Olson Media on board as our newest cinematographer. Here is his debut posting along with some stills that he pulled from the video footage he captured.

Welcome Devin, and here are some sentiments from Wayne and Sarah’s day in Devin’s own words …

My wife and I followed Wayne and Sarah around for two days filming, which included the full day of the wedding staring with a bridal brunch at the Lewis’s house, the girls’ preparing at Anthony and Co in downtown Lynchburg, the ceremony at Lynchburg College‘s Snidow Chapel and the reception at Randolph College.

Since Wayne is in the Air Force, his guys from VMI did a pretty sweet sabre arch as they exited the chapel, and a classic car was waiting to drive them around before the post-ceremony photoshoot.

Everyone’s favorite distinctive of their wedding has to be their first dance. Their dance floor was probably the most beautiful I have seen to date, and the song they chose was incredible. It is called “Crazy” by Stars Go Dim, and the band was really excited about them using it.

It sounds like everyone had a fun time at this wedding, so enjoy some stills and then the beautifully done video from Devin Olson Media.

The Wedding of Wayne Huggins & Sarah Lewis from Devin Olson Media on Vimeo.

  • Liz - What a beautiful video!! And a beautiful wedding! Great work!

“Money Matters

Several studies have shown that the number one topic couples fight about is money. If you are not married, this may sound crazy to you, as it did to me. But once I was married, I quickly discovered that money is tightly interwoven in almost every aspect of marriage. It can influence the smallest things, like which brand of milk you buy, to the larger life decisions, like which job you choose or when you decide to have children. Whether you like it or not, money will find a way to wiggle into your daily life and can either create peace of mind for you and your spouse or anxiety and strife. Here are a few suggestions that helped my husband and me overcome the money monster:

Discuss your different views of money. You may be surprised how differently you and your significant other view finances. For instance, I was raised to be highly afraid of consumer debt, while my husband is more comfortable with it. On the other hand, my husband places a strong emphasis on savings, while my mantra used to be, if I earned it, I should spend it! By identifying our different views, we were able to emphasize our respective strengths (saving money and avoiding debt) and hold each other accountable with our weaknesses (debt obtaining and frivolous spending).

Create a budget. No matter how financially well off you may be, establishing a budget is essential. “Floating” (spending money without keeping track) is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious problems, such as over withdrawing your account. When you create your budget, pool your combined resources and decide how much you will need to spend per month on things like groceries, gas, insurance, membership fees, rent or mortgage, and so forth. If your list of expenses outweighs your income or if you are just breaking even, then look for ways to cut back, such as eating out less. In extreme cases, you may have to make bigger decisions, like living somewhere less expensive.

Set aside a percentage of your income for savings and paying off debt. We live in a society that promotes instant gratification. No longer does it matter if we cannot afford something –that is what credit cards are for! However, this is a dangerous mindset, and high interest rates make payback costly. Furthermore, one of the worst inheritances you can give your children is your debt! Prioritize saving for your children’s college educations and your retirement. Most banks offer easy savings programs, and many jobs have 401k plans available.

By tackling these obstacles, you will improve your trust and communication skills with your spouse and greatly reduce the amount of stress in your marriage. And when you do spend money while abiding by the steps above, it will be guilt-free. Who knows, you may even save up enough extra for that dream vacation to Hawaii! Aloha!