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In December, I visited the venue Pharsalia for the first time, and I do have to say that it is beautiful! What an amazing property filled with lots of buildings, a fantastically laid out property and stunning views. Of course, with it being December, I missed out on the beauty and the colors shown in this wedding. I am SO enamored with the flowers … I am such a “flower” girl, and my heart sings when I get submissions filled with colorful florals. That combined with a cute couple and a spectacular location makes for a welcomed posting in mid-January. Thank you so much to KD Burke Photography for letting me share the wedding of Brian and Robin with the HCB readership.

Here is what Robin had to say …

Brian and I met in 2005 at the University of Tennessee through a mutual friend.  We became very good friends and had a lot of common interests (including hiking!).  As our friendship grew over the next year, we decided to try our hand at a relationship, and the rest is history!

From the beginning of our relationship, we had tossed around the idea of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.  We finally began to save money and seriously plan for our adventure.  In March of 2010, we set out on the Appalachian Trail and hiked from Georgia to Maine – 2,179 miles.  It took us 6 ½ months to complete our thru-hike, and upon completion, Brian popped the question!

Our ties to the Appalachian Trail are part of the reason that we fell so in love with Pharsalia; the backdrop of our ceremony was The Priest and Three Ridges, two mountains that we hiked over on the AT.

We try to live a very “green” lifestyle, and wanted to incorporate that as much as possible into the wedding.  We repurposed old bottles and downed trees, among other things, for decorations.  We tried to minimize waste.  We brewed our own beer for the wedding, and used seasonal flowers from the grounds of Pharsalia.


Photographer: KD Burke Photography

Venue: Pharsalia

Dress:  Allure Bridal, from Becky’s Bridal

Flowers:  Grown at Pharsalia, Arranged by Friend, Mary Hill

Band: Harwell Grice Band

Cakes: Sweet Violet Cake Company

Catering: Avenue Foods

Bridesmaid Dresses: Katesy on Etsy

Tuxes: Celebration Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Studio Style & Spa

I am so excited about this, and I ordered some for myself as mini-business cards, but then I got to thinking how a bride could use them! These would be fantastic for brides to hand out to their vendors instead of having to write all of their contact information down, right? They would even come in handy at bridal shows so that you can enter all of the giveaways that vendors have … speaking of that save the date of February 12th for the next Lynchburg Bridal Expo.

Ok, here goes with what I am talking about that you can have for free. If you are a member of facebook (please tell me you are!), you can receive 50 free cards from MOO.com. I adore MOO cards. And honestly, there is NO catch … free cards and free shipping. Truly! I just placed my order now. Here is what to do …

1. Go to your facebook page (I have timeline, so I am giving instructions based on the new timeline profile), and click on “About”. Some of your vendors are in my friend photo there, too … say “hi” to Liz and Jennifer (posing as Yoda … it’s actually a cake she made recently!).

2. On your About page, you will see “Contact Info” on the right side if you scroll down. Hover over the little card next to the words “Contact Info”, and the little box you see will pop up. Click on “print cards”.

3. Personalize your cards. If you look at the photo above, you will see that I do not have my high school listed on there, and I also altered my name and added Hill City Bride to it. You can NOT change the icons (the briefcase and house are there to stay), but you can toy with everything else. Make sure that your current profile pic is the one you want to use (I love that one of me because I feel that it shows who I really am, and it was taken by my dear friend, Allegra). Also, EVERY timeline cover photo will pop up, but you can delete the designs you do not want to use. I didn’t want to use my family’s Christmas photo, of course.

4. You can also personalize the back. I added the quote and text in the blue box (you can put whatever you want in there), and the only thing you can not alter is the facebook web page (your personal page). I say it’s a great deal for free!! Thank you to both facebook and MOO cards for this great deal!

I will warn you to pop on this quickly as I do not know how long you will be able to do this. Also, I tried to make some last week, but I received a message that they were “sold out” for the day and to try again another day. Today was the day because it went through. Ok, have a great start to your week … I hope to have brightened it by sending a little freebie your way!

PS. Speaking of facebook, I would love it if you would fan our page … just click HERE.

  • Emily Hudspeth - Thanks for posting! I was just thinking I should order some more moo cards, I haven’t had them in forever but they are so much fun!

Downtown Lynchburg is such a fun place. With the bustling Community Market and storefronts along with fine restaurants nestled in old buildings, the Hill City provides the perfect backdrop for a beautiful wedding. Tresca on 8th is one such venue. I have to admit that the outside of the building is beautiful, yet when you walk into the front doors, you are totally transported to a beautiful, vast and versatile event space. From their spacious ballroom downstairs to their intimate lounge and dressing rooms upstairs, Tresca is a wonderful venue to consider when planning your wedding.

I am really pleased to give you a true glimpse of this venue … if a picture says 1000 words, then this video by Shaking Hands Productions says 10,000. So, sit back and enjoy your tour of Tresca … from an empty room to a wedding full of guests, you will have a true view of what this venue really has to offer.


Tresca on 8th from Shaking Hands Productions on Vimeo.

Thank you again, Tresca and Shaking Hands Productions … what a beautiful video of such a fine venue.

Flowers are the touch at a wedding that brings in an element from nature, and I just think that fresh flowers make people happy … they are beautiful, colorful and fragrant. I am so pleased to have this guest posting today by Trisha Hardings of FlowerDelivery.net! If you are like me and have always wondered what flowers are in season when, then read on …

With weddings occurring year-round, finding flowers that are not only in season but also affordable can be a massive headache. This guide will help you to navigate through the most commonly used seasonal varietals, plus give you ideas for a few less common blooms.


There is a much broader array of winter seasonal flowers available now, due to many commercial growers utilizing environmentally controlled greenhouses to grow seasonal varietals all year long. Many florists also import flowers from warmer climates, giving them a greater variety from which to choose from. However, these flowers tend to be very expensive, and when buying large quantities for a wedding, that cost can add up very quickly.

But there are some fantastic flowers that have their peak season in the winter, many of which can be used for your wedding if grouped together with the proper foliage:

One of the loveliest is the amaryllis, which flowers in mid winter and can be used to make stunning centerpieces and table decorations. They come in red, white, and white/pink varieties.

Cymbidium orchids make wonderful bouquet flowers for the bride to carry. They are widely available in the winter and come in white, yellow, and pale green.

Gerber daisies, tulips, and roses are also grown in the winter and come in a wide array of colors.
It should be noted that the busiest time of year for flower delivery is during the winter: Valentine’s Day. Flower prices tend to skyrocket on and around this time, which can end up costing you in the long run.


Spring is the best time to find the widest array of flowers for your wedding, as nature replaces the drab lifelessness of winter with lush new color. Spring also represents “new beginnings;” a wonderful time to get married.

Tulips are at the peak of their seasonal blooming right now, offering a veritable rainbow of colors and varieties.

Hyacinths are in season near mid-spring. They are popular to use because of their pleasing fragrance and delicate shape.

Some less common, but very appropriate spring flowers to use include peonies and lily of the valley(s). They can both be used effectively in the bride’s bouquet or in the boutonnieres for the groomsmen.


Summer tends to be the most popular season for weddings. Not surprisingly, it is also the time of year where an explosion of colorful foliage and flowers takes place naturally, lending itself to fantastic wedding arrangements.

Stock is a traditional summer flower that is widely used in weddings. It has a luxurious scent, and comes in white and pink varieties during this time of year.

Lilies, with their large blooms and pleasing scent, are very popular for summer weddings. However, the bride must be cautious not to get the orange pollen on her white dress on her wedding day, as it is almost impossible to get out without a full dry-cleaning.

Gerber daisies tend to be at their peak in early summer, offering a perfectly circular bulb in a wide array of colors. Gerber daisies are very prevalently used in bridal bouquets.


There are plenty of flowers available during the autumn months, despite the constantly falling leaves and colder weather.

Chrysanthemums, though available year-round, are at their peak in the fall. They come in a wide array of sizes and colors and have a very long vase life. Chrysanthemums are commonly used in table centerpieces and bridal bouquets.

Hydrangeas are at the end of their availability in autumn, but can still be found in large bulbs of blue and pink.

Dahlias are in season in autumn, and come in a range of colors from vibrant yellow to bright red. They are a spectacular addition to ceremony arrangements and centerpieces.

No matter what the season of your wedding is, just remember that it is all about you and your special day. Make the most of it, and ensure that you get the flowers you truly want for your special day.

  • gamos - Amazing flowers and photos.

  • Deedee Yacono - I like viewing flower photograph galleries online, before I purchase bouquete, as I can see vast number of numerous arranging and colors. Also almost all times, I purchase fresh flowers on the internet for different occasions.

I am so pleased to have a guest posting today by a local, creative designer! This is such an adorable idea, and you may be able to still snag some Christmas balls fairly inexpensively. Thank you, Amanda for contributing this fun, easy, thrifty DIY for our HCB readers!

1. I saw a tutorial on this blog for making moss topiary balls. I loved the idea … here is my own quickie version. Get a package of moss from Michael’s (Use a 40% off coupon, and it will total $3.50).

2. Find some round object to cover. Originally, I thought I would use foam balls, but they were overpriced (I thought), so I found the ugliest ornaments I could. They were 90% off and came to 70 cents a piece, which is great, since they already have the perfect opening for a pole or stick.

3. Then it is just super easy construction. Hot glue on the ornament, and put the moss on the glue. Easy!

4. And voila! So cute!

5. I will probably put them all on sticks eventually, but it’s too stinking cold to hunt for just the right sticks right now. So, in the mean time, I love them on random items from around the house.

6. I was really wanting something fresh and clean looking after removing all the Christmas decor, and this is just right!! I love how it picks up on all the green in my dining room.

7. This took about 20 minutes to do and total cost was about $7. So fun!!

Amanda Carver is a lover of interior decor and most things creative. With a very eclectic style, she focuses on making things beautiful without breaking the bank. She gets immeasurable joy from transforming items from thrift stores and garage sales into beautiful, usable pieces. When she is not hot gluing, spray painting or putting holes in the walls, she is chasing after her two sweet daughters.

You can follow Amanda on Twitter, check out her Facebook page or her website. She is one creative gal, and thanks again, Amanda for the post!

  • Amanda - Amanda is amazing! A daily inspiration to us all. She knows her stuff!

  • Katie - I always love Amanda’s ideas!

  • Jennifer - She does do a great job!

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