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My friend, Michelle Duncan, is definitely a go-to girl for all things creative! As the owner of e&a WED, she shows her creativity through her designs, and she also loves all things wedding. It is no wonder as she works for the YWCA and manages Church Street Bridal and Church Street Couture. Here is a DIY project that she completed recently that she is sharing with the readers of Hill City Bride.


  • picture frame
  • enough fabric to cover front of the interior cardboard piece that comes with the frame
  • ribbon to coordinate with the fabric … the larger the frame, the wider the ribbon (frame shown here is 4×6 photo size)
  • thread or embroidery floss, needle, scissors, silk pins (4)
  • photo of your choice – make sure there is plenty of “negative” space around the edges of the photo as you will be cutting it down
  • glue gun


  • First take the frame apart, clean the glass really well and put it aside to dry.  Iron your fabric.
  • Take the inside cardboard and lay it on the “wrong side” of the fabric.  Trace lightly with a pen (do not use a marker or liquid type pen or it will bleed) and cut it out. Place a dot of glue in the center of the cardboard and line the fabric.  This will temporarily hold it in place. Put this to the side.
  • Next cut enough ribbon for the top so that you can loop it around, tie a bow and have enough “give” in it to replace the glass.  Tip:  I looped the ribbon around, replaced the glass and tied the bow while the glass was in it so that the ribbon was held in place.  Just be careful that you do not cut yourself or break the glass.
  • After tying a nice bow, secure it to the frame with a dot of hot glue.  Also put a dot under the ribbon that runs along the back side.  You could even add a rhinestone button, a letter, or anything you may like to the middle of the bow.  For the bottom part of the ribbon, make sure it also has a little “give to it” when looping it around.  Secure it with a little hot glue on the back of the frame. Do not do it on the front, or you will see it through the ribbon, especially if you use satin or organza.
  • Replace your glass, and lay this all to the side
  • Next, take your photo and cut it down so that it is 1.5 inches (or more) smaller on all four sides than the glass size.  Center in your fabric and secure it with a small silk pin in each corner (do not worry about the holes, they will be covered by your stitch marks).
  • Thread your needle with embroidery floss or double regular all purpose thread, Starting at one corner “sew” your photo to the fabric covered cardboard.  If your fabric slips, put pins in the four corners while you are sewing.  You can stitch it on as shown in the photo, use an “x” stitch, whipstitch or use whatever pattern you would like when sewing it on … be sure to go through the photo, fabric and the carboard. Tip:  Do not pull your stitches too hard or they will make the fabric buckle.

Now, put your frame back together and enjoy!

Thank you, Michelle, for giving me a wonderful DIY as a posting for HCB’s readership. Oh, and for those of you who did not know … she is married to a great photographer, David Duncan. I would encourage you to give his work a peek, too.

  • Michelle Duncan - Looks good Jennifer…I think these would be so good in the middle of tables at a reception with different photos of the bride and groom!

I have a special treat of a wedding for you today. If you read the blog last Friday, you were introduced to Part One of my Vendor Spotlight for Love Is in the Air, which is an amazing duo of ladies who can do it all as you will see in this posting.

This wedding, which was beautifully captured by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather, was supposed to be featured along with last Friday’s posting, but when I received these images, I just knew that I had to give this event a place all of its own.

I would also like to express that Love Is in the Air did the cake (to die for … I LOVE it!!), the flowers, the catering and the decor. I was not kidding when I said that they could do it all! The color combination for Dan and Becky’s wedding is refreshing, and it is one of those color combinations that just makes you smile. Ok, enough talk from me … take a look for yourself, and I hope you enjoy it thoroughly!

See? I love so many aspects about this event. What a great day full of amazing details!

  • Jessie-Lee - Now these are the kind of posts I love. Local brides using local vendors at a local venue. With tons and tons of images. Love it, keep it up hc bride!!

  • Jennifer - Thank you! I loved this wedding so much that I just had to feature it asap.

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you the best … a wonderful, restful Christmas weekend. No matter where you are, no matter who you with and no matter what you are doing, I hope that you truly find some time to relax and savor the season. I took the time out to have a little fun with Allegra from Allegra’s Studio to capture some Christmas photos!!

Boas have nothing to do with the season, but we had a great time … oh, and yes, I do have wrinkles when I smile! Allegra says, “Wrinkles (especially laugh lines) mean that you have enjoyed the life you’ve lived. We were MEANT to have expressions.” I love that quote, and I am just going to roll with it and show them off anyway.

Personally, this season is more than being about the tree and the lights, although I love everything about the decorations of Christmas!! It is about a gift … the gift that was given by a loving God of a baby in a manger that would one day save His people from their sins. Truly, the greatest gift that was given to the world, gave the ultimate gift to us when He died on the cross. Below is a cute little video that a friend of mine found. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas to everyone!!

When I received this submission, I literally could NOT pare down the images, hence the lengthy posting! I love the vintage feel of the photographs, and the peony is my all time favorite flower … they are so fragrant and soft looking, and I adore seeing them in a bride’s bouquet.

Crystal George of Crystal George Studios did a great job of capturing the sweetness and emotion of John and Sarah’s day. These are Crystal’s own words about the session, “It is full of vintage touches from the bride’s jewelry to the lace around the bouquet, both of which were the bride’s grandmother’s. Sarah and John are young people with old souls. John smokes a pipe, and Sarah love all things with a history to them. John said recently that his perfect evening was sitting on the porch with Sarah, folding laundry, drinking sweet tea and watching the sunset. One of Sarah’s favorite quotes is, ‘He is more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same’ by Emily Bronte in Wuthering Heights, and I think that sums them up perfectly.”

Enjoy your peek into John and Sarah’s lovely day.

Peonies even made an appearance on the cake! *Sigh* In case you are wondering the where and how of the wedding, Crystal compiled a wonderful list for all of the Hill City Bride readers!

Photographer: Crystal George Studios

Dress: Caryn’s Bridal, Farmville, VA

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: David’s Bridal

Flowers: Rod Meek and Company

Venue: Sweet Briar Women’s College (the Chapel, Inn and Boathouse)

Catering: Sweet Briar

Cake: Coffey Cakes

Ladies’ Hair: The Hair Gallery

Men’s Hair: The Parlor

  • Linda Hall - Love Is In The Air - Very pretty! I just LOVE vintage!

  • Rachael Eberle - I recently helped compose their wedding announcement for the News & Advance, and the gorgeous picture they submitted (similar to the first one on the right) quickly caught my eye. I also like how Crystal included a list of the vendors she worked with. That’s very helpful for anyone else who might be interested in incorporating a similar style for their own wedding!

  • Caren - LOVE those colors!

  • Jennifer - I do, too, Caren! This wedding definitely ranks as one of my faves for sure.

  • BEA's Bride Guide - I’m usually not into the pink and turquoise color scheme (reminds me too much of weddings from home on the beach) but I love love love how this bride interpreted it! I’ve never seen such a vintage wedding done in this color scheme – it’s great!

  • Sarah East - I enjoyed everything about this day, especially marrying my best friend. Thank you so much to all the amazing vendors that made the day so beautiful. Crystal, has such a sweet spirit and did an amazing job. I got so many compliments on my cake, and it turned out beautifully. Rod Meeks is beyond talented and we enjoyed the flowers for over a week and a half after the wedding.

It is not often that I receive a DIY posting from a man, so when Brad Bennett of Shaking Hands Productions sent this one my way, I was so excited!! Not only is it a great DIY idea, but it is a wonderful way to save some money while sending out save the dates (STD) for a wedding.

I love how the STD postcard captures this gorgeous couple … Brad himself with his beautiful finace’, Lyndsey … in all sorts of circumstances so that wedding guests can get a feel for what they are all about. They have a fun, “Polariod” feel to them, which gives them a vintage vibe. I know that you will be able to use this idea as a springboard to create some fun, personalized STDs of your own.

Here are Brad’s own words …

We wanted to make our STDs different … everything down to the location, photographer and the STD design itself. We knew that most people send out their STDs in envelopes, but this can be very time consuming and expensive by the time you print out all of the cards and put stamps on the envelopes.

I found out that the USPS had more reasonable postage rates on actual postcard sizing (4.25″x6″), so I decided to design our STD in photoshop. If you do not have an elaborate design program, you can make your own STD in a great user friendly program called Gimp, which is free PC/Mac software.

Once I plugged in the dimensions of the USPS postcard, I was able to design both sides of the card. The first side contains our engagement photos (taken in West Palm Beach, FL by Kallima Photography) and our wedding date creatively displayed.

The other side has the recipient address lines and a personalized message to our guests as well as more information about our wedding page.

Another great feature of the back of the card is the return address. Once you plug in that one address during the design, you will never have to write it out again because it is going to be mass printed.

For printing, we used gotprint.com. I use them for all of my business cards, and I am always amazed with the finished product. We ordered 500 postcards, which was only $42.

If you are having 100 guests or less, you can print 100 postcards for $32. These cards are high quality with color on both sides. The front is 14pt UV coated gloss, but the back is not UV coated so that it will absorb ink better when you are writing (this is an option when you place your order).

Once you have your 4.25″x6″ postcards printed, you can receive the cheaper rate for postage (28 cent stamps). This entire printing endeavor only cost us a “whopping” $98, and the postage was merely $56 for 200 stamps.

Thank you, Brad, for sharing this with HCB. I am always on the lookout for creative, personalized ideas, and the fact that this fits into a reasonable budget is perfect! I wish you and Lyndsey the best in your future together. Oh, and catch Brad and Lyndsey’s full FL E-session on Kallima Photography’s blog … they are worth the look!

  • abby - wow! what an awesome and creative way to make your own Save The Date! love the location of the photo shoot too!