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4 Different Flowers for 4 Different Seasons

I am so excited about today’s guest posting, and who doesn’t love flowers? There are so many to choose from that sometimes it can be overwhelming, but choosing flowers that are in season ensures that they are fresher and it is also a little easier on the budget! Trisha Hardings of Flowerdelivery.net is my guest blogger for today, and I am excited about finding flowers that are in season. Enjoy!!

With weddings occurring year-round, finding flowers that are not only in season but also affordable can be a massive headache. This guide will help you to navigate through the most commonly used seasonal varietals, plus give you ideas for a few less common blooms.


There is a much broader array of winter seasonal flowers available now, due to many commercial growers utilizing environmentally controlled greenhouses to grow seasonal varietals all year long. Many florists also import flowers from warmer climates, giving them a greater variety from which to choose from. However, these flowers tend to be very expensive, and when buying large quantities for a wedding, that cost can add up very quickly.

But there are some fantastic flowers that have their peak season in the winter, many of which can be used for your wedding if grouped together with the proper foliage:

One of the loveliest is the amaryllis, which flowers in mid winter and can be used to make stunning centerpieces and table decorations. They come in red, white, and white/pink varieties.

Cymbidium orchids make wonderful bouquet flowers for the bride to carry. They are widely available in the winter and come in white, yellow, and pale green.

Gerber daisies, tulips, and roses are also grown in the winter and come in a wide array of colors.
It should be noted that the busiest time of year for flower delivery is during the winter: Valentine’s Day. Flower prices tend to skyrocket on and around this time, which can end up costing you in the long run.


Spring is the best time to find the widest array of flowers for your wedding, as nature replaces the drab lifelessness of winter with lush new color. Spring also represents “new beginnings;” a wonderful time to get married.

Tulips are at the peak of their seasonal blooming right now, offering a veritable rainbow of colors and varieties.

Hyacinths are in season near mid-spring. They are popular to use because of their pleasing fragrance and delicate shape.

Some less common, but very appropriate spring flowers to use include peonies and lily of the valley(s). They can both be used effectively in the bride’s bouquet or in the boutonnieres for the groomsmen.


Summer tends to be the most popular season for weddings. Not surprisingly, it is also the time of year where an explosion of colorful foliage and flowers takes place naturally, lending itself to fantastic wedding arrangements.

Stock is a traditional summer flower that is widely used in weddings. It has a luxurious scent, and comes in white and pink varieties during this time of year.

Lilies, with their large blooms and pleasing scent, are very popular for summer weddings. However, the bride must be cautious not to get the orange pollen on her white dress on her wedding day, as it is almost impossible to get out without a full dry-cleaning.

Gerber daisies tend to be at their peak in early summer, offering a perfectly circular bulb in a wide array of colors. Gerber daisies are very prevalently used in bridal bouquets.


There are plenty of flowers available during the autumn months, despite the constantly falling leaves and colder weather.

Chrysanthemums, though available year-round, are at their peak in the fall. They come in a wide array of sizes and colors and have a very long vase life. Chrysanthemums are commonly used in table centerpieces and bridal bouquets.

Hydrangeas are at the end of their availability in autumn, but can still be found in large bulbs of blue and pink.

Dahlias are in season in autumn, and come in a range of colors from vibrant yellow to bright red. They are a spectacular addition to ceremony arrangements and centerpieces.

No matter what the season of your wedding is, just remember that it is all about you and your special day. Make the most of it, and ensure that you get the flowers you truly want for your special day.