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Well, it’s Anniversary Week here at Hill City Bride! It’s hard to believe that the blog has been inspiring brides and helping them plan their weddings for 4 years. So fun! This week, I am giving myself an anniversary present… I’m actually away at a blogging conference. I can’t wait to come back recharged, excited and refreshed about blogging. I know I will bring back lots of ideas. I can’t wait!

In addition to learning about blogging this week, I’m also going to be sharing 5 of my favorite weddings over the past 4 years. I hope that you enjoy and draw inspiration from each one of them. Enjoy, and have a great week!

Courtney & Emily by Crystal George as seen on Hill City Bride

Not only do I know Emily, which makes me love it even more, but her wedding to Courtney was really unique! They combined a Mardi Gras theme with a lot of DIY touches to make a truly memorable event that you can see HERE.

Small veils and headpieces are all the rage nowadays, and brides can have a little fun creating their own birdcage veil … it is not as hard as you may think! The following photos show a basic veil, and I will bet with a little personalization, you can create a birdcage style veil that will reflect your own personality and flair.

Just a few simple supplies are needed. Here, the bride chose a patterned tulle, satin fabric (you could also use ribbon of your choosing), a silk flower pulled off of the stem and a needle and thread to match the color of the tulle. In order to secure the veil to your head, you may want to add some hair pins or a small comb to your list of supplies. You will also need plain tulle, which is not pictured above.

By cutting a leaflike shape out of the tulle and adding a piece of the satin (again, I would probably use ribbon), the bride sewed the pieces together to give the accent piece the look she wanted.

The flower was then sewn on to the accent piece, which covers up the original sewing needed to attach the ribbon to the accent piece. She also cut the tulle and shaped it to give the veil the sense of structure that she desired, and then the end was sewn together to hold the shape of the cage.

By lastly sewing the flower accent piece onto the veil (and doing a good job of covering up the sewn end of the tulle), you will have your completed veil! In order to ensure that the headpiece stays in place, you may want to add a hairpin or small comb onto the inside of the veil so that you can feel confident that it will stay put.

Simple, but elegant! Here is the completed piece on the bride for her special day. I hope that this simple project helps to get some DIY headpiece ideas of your own for your wedding. Also, if you are looking for some custom pieces for your wedding, head on over to e&a WED … our newest advertiser for the beautiful items that she can make for your wedding day.

Many thanks goes out to Emily Kim Bart for the use of her idea and photographs. You can catch more of Emily’s photos on Flickr.

  • Michelle Duncan - Love!! This is so cute Jennifer and I am more than happy to help any bride with this project or others…good job HCB!

“Gossip Girl”

In response to one of my first articles, a male reader commented that men deeply desire to be respected by their wives. If you have read any literature on marriage, this is not a new concept to you. However, you may be surprised to know how strong this desire is for a man. In fact, in the widely popular book “Love and Respect,” the author Emerson Eggerichs goes as far as to equate a woman’s desire to be loved with a man’s desire to be respected!

To many of you, the term respect may seem ambiguous. Personally, the first image that pops into my head is the family from the television show “Little House on the Prairie,” consisting of a strong, kind husband and his meek wife who dutifully obeys him. The dictionary defines respect as “to hold in esteem or honor” and “to show regard or consideration for.”

While women should look for ways to express respect to their husbands, they must also wholeheartedly avoid exhibiting disrespect. Unfortunately, many women are not even aware of one of the most frequently abused forms of disrespect: gossip. Most men feel utterly betrayed when their wives say negative things about them to friends and family. According to “Love and Respect,” men view their wives gossiping about them as a form of infidelity, feeling betrayed in the same way a woman would feel betrayed if her husband had an affair. While this may seem extreme to us women, the fact remains that man need to be respected even when they are not present.

Ladies, I am going to be honest with you: I have procrastinated writing this article for several months because as a woman, I know what a challenge this can be. I have wonderful friends and a good relationship with my mom, and I love sharing with these women the latest happenings in my life. Doing so solidifies my bond with them. However, no matter how close I am to these women, they do not need to know about my grievances with my husband, no matter how seemingly menial. Although sharing such information may make me feel closer to them, it will only bring negativity to their view of my spouse, and the last thing I want is for my best friends to detest my husband! In addition, my husband may feel betrayed and have difficulty trusting me because I placed closeness with my friends over intimacy with him.

Please note that I am not asking you to paint your marriage as perfect. No one’s marriage is perfect! Even Mr. and Mrs. Ingalls have their disputes. However, try to refrain from sharing the juicy details of an argument or blabbing about your sex life. By doing this, you will not only feel closer to your spouse, but you will also see his relationships with your family and friends improve. Just remember: don’t gossip, girl!

Thank you again, Rachael for another great take on the husband/wife relationship!

Photo credits: (book cover and Little House stock photos), ThePhotoBin (Flickr) and Kevin McShane (Flickr)

  • Amber - I always cringe when I hear my girlfriends talking badly about their husbands. What happens then is I am unable to respect their husband because I know too much dirt and it definitely taints my view of them. Great post!!! 🙂

  • Sabrena - What a wonderfully written reminder to us. I learned this lesson the hardest of ways and had great internal conflict about how to manage the need to discuss these issues and respect my husband. He and I ultimately agreed that there are two friends whom I can respectfully confide in, ask for prayer and give general descriptions of some tough things. I only go to these two women about specifics and it’s given both of us a great deal of healing and confidence!

When I saw this sweet posting about the Aviary by Sabrena Deal of S Carter Studios, we just could not resist making this little known, affordable location known to all of you. Built in 1902, this 18 sided building is nestled near downtown Lynchburg in Miller Park, and its history is amazing as it once served as an exhibition house (which included showcasing birds), a library and an office structure.

The photographs below were taken by S Carter Studios, and we we hope that you enjoy reading Sabrena’s own words on the Aviary as she used the venue for her own wedding.

Oh how I love to look at our wedding photos, it was just perfect! One of the things that made it so perfect was being able to land beautiful, thrifty venues. This unique and vintage venue is perfect for the Central Virginia bride on a budget. The Aviary is run by Lynchburg Parks and Recreation. One of the things that makes this the best value is that renting it (which when we rented in March of ’09 was $400 total for 8:00 am to 10:00 pm) includes tables and chairs! It also has a full fridge, oven and storage as well as bathrooms. It can house up to 300 people. We paid to rent it the night before which allowed us to begin setting up and have our rehearsal dinner there.

I loved the many sided building in a beautiful sage green with almost bulgarian looking white details. The natural light is absolutely gorgeous pouring the the windows! We barely had to decorate the interior at all. I have done three other weddings at this location, and it is just as beautiful each time. The park around the Aviary is lush and a great place for photos of the bridal party or family!

It looks like a building from a fairytale at night, and I remember driving away from it so thankful to have found a great venue. I hope that some of you will be able to take advantage of this diamond in the rough!

Of course, since Sabrena used the venue herself, we just couldn’t resist including a photo of her and her husband, Josh, on their wedding day. The photo below was taken by A J Chan, and Sabrena, thank you for bringing this little known venue to the forefront. Oh, and we just love seeing a sweet photograph of a photographer on one of the happiest days of her life.

The Aviary is a unique, beautiful venue that is integrated into the history of the Hill City. If you are interested in renting the Aviary, contact the Lynchburg Department of Parks and Recreation (just click!) as their rates and specific rental information is now included online. Again, special thanks to S Carter Studios for letting HCB kindly borrow her posting.

  • Crystal - Cute! I love the Aviary. Great job Sabrena!

  • Melanie Brown - I am very interested in renting this facility for my upcoming wedding on Sept 10,2011. Please let me know if this date is available? Thank you:)

  • Lydia - I LOVE the Aviary!! So beautiful, so much history and so CHEAP!! 🙂 I remember renting it for more than one party in the past for just $50!

  • Carrie of DreamGreenDIY - I just booked my April 2012 wedding at the Aviary =) Can’t wait to see it all come together!! The space is just beautiful…Thanks for sharing!

  • Jennifer - I adore the Aviary, too, and thank you for your input!

Who doesn’t love something free, and I have a feeling that all DIY brides fit into that category! I stumbled upon printables for place cards, favor tags and more at DIYwedding.org, and I encourage you to do the same. Just click here to check them out, and below are some examples of what you will find. Happy printing, and have a lovely day!

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