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So, our 12 Days of Christmas is over, BUT our contest is just starting. I was able to pick 12 of my favorite postings from 2011, and now it is up to you to pick the best one … fun! Remember, our couple/bride featured in the winning posting will receive a $25 Starbucks gift card and also a $50 gift certificate to Charley’s restaurant in Lynchburg, and the photographer who submitted the winning posting will also receive a $50 gift certificate to Gerald’s in Wyndhurst. What a great time of year to get a treat!

So, review the postings below, and head on off to vote … there are two ways to do so, so scroll down to the end to find out how to vote. Happy 12 Days!!

Below: Day 1, Tyler and Alex’s Wedding by Sincerely, Liz: Photography.  For the full posting, click here

Below: Day 2, Angila, Queen of Hearts, by Crystal George Studios. Click here to see the full posting. 

Below: Day 3, Tim and Lisa’s Wedding by David Duncan Photography. For the full photo gallery, click here

Below: Day 4, Jonathan and Amanda’s Engagement Session by Colling Photography. For more photos, click here

Below: Day 5, The Wedding of Jonathan and Samuelle by S Carter Studios. For the full wedding, click here

Below: Day 6, Troy and Kayla’s Wedding by Jane Bradley Photography. Check out the full posting by clicking here

Below: Day 7, The Wedding of Jason and Kate by Allegra’s Studio. Click here for the full wedding. 

Below: Day 9, Nathan and Jessie’s Wedding by Visions by Heather. Click here to see all of this wedding. 

Below: Day 10, The Wedding of Nathan and Bethany by KD Burke Photography. Click here to see more of this wedding. 

Below: Day 11, Mike and Lucy’s Engagement Session by Christopher Breedlove Photography. Click here to see their full session. 

Below: Day 12 – Brad and Lyndsey by Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography. Click here to see their full wedding. 

What a spectacular array of postings … it was hard to narrow it down to twelve, although admittedly, I do have a few really personal favorites. Now it is YOUR turn to vote, and I am giving you two ways to do so.

One is to click HERE, which will take you to a survey where you can vote for your favorite.

The second is to click HERE, and all you have to do is “like” the photo(s) of your favorite postings … you can vote for more than one in this manner. So … ready, set, vote! Voting closes on the 21st of December at midnight. I can’t wait to see who wins!!

PS. Comments are closed on this posting … please hit the links above to vote. I can’t wait to see who wins!!

It goes without saying that this wedding is close to my heart because of the bride and groom, plus I love the fact that so many HCB vendors were involved in their special day! Without further due, here is today’s favorite:

I love looking through wedding photos … especially when they are filled with details, and this wedding is no exception. Well, maybe it is a teeny bit of an exception. You see, this is a special wedding – the wedding of one of HCB’s very own vendors, Brad Bennett of Shaking Hands Productions. I could not think of any better posting to kick off Hill City Bride’s 2011 year!

Combine that with the fact that it was photographed by Adam Barnes of Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography, took place at Riverview Manor and the flowers were done by Elisha Dudley of Petal Flower Company; and you have a big event for the whole Hill City Bride family!! As a sidebar, I was given free reign to look through the photos and choose them myself, hence the lengthy posting.

A few neat details are included in the photographs, such as the use of pears … 280 of them were picked from Riverview Manor‘s property, and they functioned as place cards for the wedding. The location table cards (as you will see “Hershey, PA” below) represented all of the different places they had been as a couple, and the cross roads sign showed some of the distances that people had traveled for the wedding. One guest hailed from Germany!

Have fun perusing Brad and Lyndsey’s wedding photos, which took place in September of 2010.

I wish heartfelt congratulations to Brad and Lyndsey … a beautiful couple both inside and out. I hope that they have a wonderful lifetime together, and I am so glad that they are a part of the Hill City Bride family! Also, be sure to visit the lovely website of Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography … it is definitely a feast for the eyes.

  • Crystal - Aw, gorgeous wedding, gorgeous people. Good job Adam!

  • Linda Hall - Love Is In The Air - Event Decor, Flowers, Cakes & Catering - What an absolutely gorgeous affair. My congratulations to the bride and groom and kudos to Adam Barnes and the other fine vendors.

  • Elizabeth Sayre Stevens: That Wedding Bridal Consulting - I’ve worked with Brad as a vendor (cinematographer)and he’s fabulous! I’ve also had the opportunity to meet Lyndsey who is wonderful. It’s no surprise Lyndsey and Brad’s wedding was top notch and BEAUTIFUL with lots of PERSONAL touches. Super sweet couple. Great photos! Liz

  • Jennifer - They are super sweet … I agree! Thanks for stopping by, Liz.

  • Shelly P - It was a great day for my niece and we “added” Brad to our family! I love these pictures and the video is even better!

I really enjoyed Christopher’s use of the classic backdrops of Lynchburg with this couple, and they are just plain cute! Without further due, here is today’s favorite:

Let me just say that I am THRILLED to have Christopher Breedlove from Christopher Breedlove Photography on board as a photography vendor. He and his wife are amazingly sweet, and I am glad that I can present Christopher’s work to you. I love so much about this session … the classic Lynchburg feel, her eyecatching dress, and the adorableness of the couple all shine through in these photographs.

Best of all, I am going to let Christopher tell you about this couple in his own words …

Mike and Lucy stargazed into one another’s eyes, laughing, kissing and embracing each other during their session. Lucy was a freshman at Liberty University embarking on her college career as a Government major when Business major, Mike, noticed her in some of his classes.  From the very beginning Mike knew he needed to befriend her.  Lucy and Mike became college friends and as time went by, their relationship grew into something neither one of them expected.  All of sudden late night talks lasted up to curfew and spontaneous little coffee breaks became more like dates followed by those classic “study sessions” in the computer lab … all leading them to that magical feeling, l-o-v-e.  It was not until their junior year of college in 2009 when Mike popped the question one fine Fall day in Washington DC, which is one of  Lucy’s favorite places to visit.

Thank you, Christopher, for these wonderful images and for telling us Mike and Lucy’s story. Since their session, they have gotten married. I wish this sweet couple the best in their life together.

This one ranks high for me due to Allegra’s wonderful photography style, plus I really like the vintage vibe (and the green dining room!). Without further due, here is today’s favorite:

To me there is just something about the work of Allegra and her associate, Corbin, from Allegra’s Studio. In my opinion, I feel that her images are timeless, and her brides and grooms seem to have a genuinely real quality about them … maybe it’s the way she captures their private moments, the smiles and the very intimate parts of the day. Allegra truly is great at telling a story through her work.

The couple below exemplifies that perfectly, and their day was exquisite in every detail … the bride’s dress vintage dress is so unique, and the venues for their wedding and reception have a regal, yet family feel to them. I adore their cake (and the color of the room it is in … I have always wanted to paint a room clover, and I definitely foresee it in my home’s future!!). Thank you again, Allegra, for sharing Kate and Jason’s special day and their moments with us.

Jason and Kate, I wish you the happiest of lifetimes together! If you would like to view more of Allegra’s work, please head on over to her website by clicking here.

Catering: Avenue Foods

Ceremony – St. Paul’s Episcopal

Dress: First – Vintage, Second – J Crew

Flowers: Rod Meek & Company

Photography: Allegra’s Studio

Reception: Private Residence

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