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“When Otters Like Lions”

As a child, my mother would read this beautifully illustrated book to me entitled “The Treasure Tree” in which four animal friends embarked on a whimsical journey together. Each of the animals had a distinctly unique personality, and their different strengths aided the group throughout their adventures. I was completely captivated by the outgoing otter, headstrong lion, analytical beaver, and soft-spoken golden retriever, and my siblings and I would compare our personalities to those of the furry friends.

Later in life, I discovered that the animals’ personalities were actually based on four legitimate personality types: sanguine, choleric, melancholy, and phlegmatic. Most people are a combination of two of these types, such as a melancholy-phlegmatic. With dozens of potential combinations, we are afforded the plethora of personalities that give life variety and color.

While our close friends are more likely to have personalities similar to ours, several studies have shown that people tend to marry individuals with dissimilar personalities. This is often because such individuals balance our weaknesses, and they possess traits we aspire to obtain. For instance, I am a naturally shy person, so I was drawn to my husband’s amiable, outgoing personality because I admired and desired those characteristics.

Although these differences are initially refreshing, they may gradually become a source of irritation. This is not because we should have chosen individuals more like ourselves. Rather, it is because our natural desire is to be self-centered, and instead of learning to understand our loved ones’ personalities, we view them as wrong instead of different. However, this can be avoided if we identify and understand their personalities and learn to work with them.

Below is a brief summary of the four personality types. For more in-depth information, check out Tim LaHaye’s book “Why You Act the Way You Do”.

  1. Sanguine. Often considered the life of the party, sanguines are social and outgoing. In a spouse, they desire someone who will shower them with positive attention. They dislike schedules and being criticized, so the humdrums of life need to be counteracted with fun and spontaneity.
  2. Choleric: Cholerics are take-charge individuals who are usually confident and headstrong. They appreciate people who are supportive and submissive and who will let them lead. They get discouraged by resistance from others, and they sometimes come across as abrasive without intending to.
  3. Melancholy: Often creatively inclined, melancholies are analytical perfectionists who love details and plans. Because they hold themselves to rigidly high expectations, they need people who will help them relax and not take life so seriously, yet who are also reliable.
  4. Phlegmatic: Laidback and easygoing, phlegmatics like to let others be in charge. However, deep down they are strong willed and may become resentful if they feel bossed around. They love to please others and avoid conflict, so arguments should be handled carefully.

I hope this has provided a little insight into your significant other and perhaps even into yourself. Based on these descriptions, which type are you most like? Which is your spouse?

Thank you again, Rachael! To read other “Newly Wed” postings, just click here. Also, do not forget to enter our giveaway for an adorable, custom Waldorf doll for your flower girl! Click here to enter, and the giveaway ends TONIGHT!!

When I kept seeing this type of DIY cake stand, I just knew that I had to share them with you! I just love scouring thrift stores and antique shops for all things vintage and pretty, and this is a way to have a cake stand or even a platter for tea service for just a few dollars (truly, places like Goodwill and the DAV have pretty plates for great prices … or better yet, check out your local yard sales as the weather gets nicer).

Supplies: plate (vintage or not), candlestick, epoxy, skewer or popsicle stick (to mix epoxy), plus something to mix the epoxy (scary stuff!), optional (at least for me) – ruler, pencil or marker


1. Clean your plate and candlestick well and be sure they are free of dirt and grime and completely dry.

2. If you are a “measure twice, cut once” type of person, you will want to find the center of your plate, center your candlestick on it, and then mark the edges of the candlestick. If you are anything like me, you would be more than happy to skip this step and just “eyeball” it once you have applied the epoxy (maybe not recommended, but I am just being honest!).

3. Mix your epoxy in a well ventilated area.

4. Apply the epoxy to the top of the candlestick (as in the surface that will actually be touching the bottom of the plate).

5. Turn the plate so that the backside is up, quickly attach the candlestick to the plate, center it and leave to dry. Your waiting time will depend on whether you bought fast or slow drying epoxy.

Voila, you now have an adorable cake stand that literally took you just a few minutes to make … this project is not only friendly on time but on the budget, too. I can picture several of these with all kinds of desserts on them for a vintage, eclectic wedding reception. Enjoy!

Also, do not forget to enter our giveaway for an adorable, custom Waldorf doll for your flower girl! Click here to enter.

  • Dee - SIMPLY gorgeous! what a great idea for my catering business! thanks for being so willing to share your ideas with others~

My trip out to Riverview Manor was so much fun … I loved being able to see the property in person (click here to see the first part of this feature). The only bad thing was that we went before everything was springy and in bloom, but I am glad to be able to rely on the Hill City Bride photographers to send me photos from past events that they have captured out at Riverview Manor.

This first set of photos shows off the property in all of its flowering, green glory. Many thanks to Adam Barnes of Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography for the lovely images from Riverview Manor below.

Thank you again, Adam! Another HCB photographer, Crystal George of Crystal George Studios has also had the privilege of shooting out at Riverview Manor. Enjoy seeing the estate in action through the wedding photos below.

What a beautiful collection of photos from Riverview Manor. Thanks again, Crystal!

If you have not seen Riverview Manor in person, I would highly suggest that you pay Mary Helen a visit … she would love to show you around as she did me last month. It is such an amazingly beautiful property with a whole host of options for your wedding. Again, to read the first posting click here, and be sure to contact Riverview Manor for your outdoor ceremony needs.

Also, do not forget to enter our giveaway for an adorable, custom Waldorf doll for your flower girl! Click here to enter.

  • adam barnes - i love river view… and i love shooting there.

  • Linda Hall - Love Is In The Air - Was there today to map out table placement for upcoming wedding and I cannot wait to do this reception. It just takes my breath away every time I see it.

    You won’t find a nicer person to deal with than Mary Helen and this place is truly one of a kind! Love It!!!!!

Brides love to be surrounded by those that mean so much to her on her wedding day, and her flower girl is no exception. Flower girls are cute and can provide some fun antics, and these little ladies definitely deserve something special to commemorate being a part of your wedding day.

Young girls adore dolls, and what a better way to thank them than with a custom made doll that resembles them? AND that is exactly what we are giving away!! Goose Beary Shop on Etsy is giving away one handmade Waldorf doll, but before we get into the giveaway, I want to show you some of these cuties while letting you know what a Waldorf doll is.

Here are Joy Niehaus’s (owner of Goose Beary Shop, which comes from her daughter’s nicknames of “Goose” and “Bear”) own words about the dolls, ” The dolls I make are known as Waldorf or Steiner dolls (though the ones with funky colored hair are technically Waldorf Inspired), and they are made using a German technique. Steiner believed that a child’s toy should be as natural as possible and should allow for a wide spectrum of imaginative play. The heads are sculpted using cotton tubing stuffed with wool roving and sculpted using a needle and strong thread.”

“The head is then covered with a cotton interlock fabric (think thick t-shirt material) and the body is made of the same material. The face is hand embroidered with cotton embroidery thread and the hair is made of entirely all natural yarn. First, I crochet a cap to snugly fit the doll’s head. After that is sewn on the head I attach individual hairs to the cap giving it a really thick naturally falling head of hair. The clothing is traditionally also made with all natural fibers, however some synthetic materials may be used for flower girl dolls in formal wear type gowns.”

“Because of the large amounts of wool used in the doll they cannot be washed in a washing machine, and need to be surface washed only. However, wool is naturally anti-bacterial. It also has a nice feel so while the dolls are still light enough for little girls to carry, they have more weight then a rag doll. The wool also retains scents so the doll smells like home and can be a very comforting toy. Each doll can take any where from 8-16 hours to create and is made to be played with for generations.”

These dolls indeed are special, and I know that your flower girl would LOVE to have one made just for her. One thing to consider is that it may take up to a month to complete a doll, so keep that in mind when ordering. Also, if you want to place an order for a doll, just use the code “WEDDING” for 5% off plus a complimentary extra doll’s dress.

Joy has been generous enough to offer one custom doll (either 7″, 9″ or 12″), and the skin tone (fair, tan, or mocha), eye color (any color they want), and hair color (both natural or hair with fun colored high lights) can all be chosen to match the girl herself. Clothing can be either normal or be made to match the flower girl dress as closely as possible. What a great giveaway!!

Have fun, and here is how to enter …

You can enter multiple times if you follow the guidelines below (be sure to post separate comments each time you do one of the instructions):

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You have until to enter so that I can announce the winner. Do you have to be a bride to enter? NO!! I just want to spread the word about Goose Beary Shop and Hill City Bride, so anyone is welcomed to enter … have fun.

Again, a big thanks goes out to Goose Beary Shop for hosting this great giveaway. You have until 11:59 EST on Wednesday, April 14th to enter. Have fun!!

Remember … if you want to place an order for a doll, just use the code “WEDDING” for 5% off plus a complimentary extra doll’s dress.

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Signage is absolutely adorable, and it seems as though all weddings have a bit of it here and there. It is a great way for guests to be able to know where to go and what is going on, and it also makes a fun keepsake for the bride and groom. This is an easy DIY project that can cost little to nothing if you have the right things on hand.

Here is a short list of what is needed: wood cut into the shape and size you prefer (can be plywood, but leftover siding was used for this project!), base coat or stainpaint in both a light and a dark color (leftover paint was used for this project), and some way to display the sign (make it freestanding, add screws and another sandwich board to the back, hang, lean against something .. this is up to you and the space you have available for your signage).

After your board is cut to your desired shape and size, stain the board in the color of your choosing. This board was already the perfect color so no staining was required. You can use chalk or a pencil to mark out the letters. One of the beauties of DIY projects is that it is handcrafted and perfection is not always required!

Here the words have been painted in, but they are not quite done yet!

An outline of darker paint around the lettering makes the words really pop, and the lines add some much needed dimension to the board … cute!

Voila … the finished product! It is so adorable. An arrow can be added to show direction, and this is such a great keepsake. As far as how to display the sign … that is again determined by where you would like to hang the sign. What a simple, fun project that can be completed in just a few hours.

Special thanks goes out to Emily Kim Bart. She had such a beautiful DIY wedding that I have gotten a bunch of ideas from. Thank you so much, Emily, for letting Hill City Bride in on your spectacular wedding DIY projects. Oh, and after all of that hard work doing a DIY, you may just want to head on over to SPA 4109 to pamper yourself … what a treat!

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