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Fall is my favorite season (rivaled by spring!), and I also love outdoor weddings … this posting combines both in such a sweet way. The husband and wife team of Christopher Breedlove Photography is made up of Christopher and Kristen Breedlove, and they have been a joy to get to know (along with being very talented!). Enjoy these images, and Kristen herself wrote the words below.

This autumn wedding kindled the hearts of many.  On Saturday, September 25th, 2010 in Nottoway County, Virginia, we photographed the charming backyard wedding of Benjamin & Casey.  The atmosphere was of sheer delight, the bride was glowing with her ivory pearls, and the debonair groom waited in great anticipation for his future wife to join him in holy matrimony.  The colorful leaves, the whimsical trees and the warm glow of the sun all harmonized to provide Ben and Casey and their guests a timeless day they will never forget. Words cannot express this marvelous day, so without further ado, enjoy a small glimmer of these Antiquated Film Expressions by Christopher Breedlove Photography.

Thank you, Christopher and Kristen for sharing these images with the readers of Hill City Bride! If you would like to visit the website of Christopher Breedlove Photography just click here. I am so pleased to have CBP in our Hill City family!

Happy New Year, friends! So many of you are getting married THIS year! Sooo exciting! I’m back again to chat more about ways to get the most out of your wedding day photography. I know it seems like I say this in every article, but today’s topic is something that I think is SUPER important. Whether you do or do not connect with your photographer can make a world of difference in the final product.

There are a couple of reasons that connecting with your photographer is so important. First, you are going to be spending a lot of time with your photographer on the day of your wedding and you want to make sure you at least enjoy their presence, right? If you don’t feel comfortable around him or her, chances are pretty good that you will remember that feeling when you reminisce back to your wedding day. And you do not want those memories clouding the other memories of your beautiful day.

In addition, if you don’t connect with your photographer, your pictures may not reach their full potential. Feeling uncomfortable or frustrated during portraits can make it almost impossible to capture you in all of your joyous beauty. You may not look as beautiful as you could in your pictures if you were completely comfortable, relaxed, and feeling good.

You also want to make sure that your personalities connect. This helps with the communication on your wedding day and helps the process of portraits go as smooth as possible.

Overall, you want a photographer that brings a good energy to your day. Someone you enjoy, someone who understands your vision and whose vision you trust, as well as someone who genuinely makes you feel good about being in front of the camera.

Thank you again, Liz, for your advice … it is so important so that the brides have the best visual memories from the day that they can! Liz Cook is the owner of Sincerely, Liz: Photography, and I encourage you to view her work by clicking here.

Ok, leave it to Martha Stewart Weddings to “wow” me with these. These are TOO cute!! If you are looking forward to having a spring wedding, a seed packet that looks like a traditional matchbook may just be the favor that your guests will be “wowed” by, too. Take a peek at these, and see how easy they are to make. Adorable!!!

Here are the instructions straight from the Martha Stewart Weddings website:

Download editable clip art, and type in your first names and wedding date. There are two pages, one for the covers and one for the planting instructions inside the matchbook.

Print the front of the matchbook covers onto 8 1/2-by-11-inch card stock. Turn the paper over, and print the page of instructions on the back (test the alignment by printing one copy first, before printing the rest).

There are three creases you’ll need to make, and there are three sets of dotted crop marks to make it easier to do so. Use a bone folder and a metal straightedge to draw creases between the dotted crop marks.

Use a craft knife and the straightedge to cut out the matchbook covers, cutting along the edges of the colors.

Fold matchbook along creases.

Scoop seeds into 2-by-3 1/4-inch glassine envelopes, and fold top edge over twice by 1/4 inch.

Tuck seed-filled glassine envelope into the bottom flap, with the folded edge down, and staple once in the middle of the flap.

These would also be adorable for showers, birthday parties or even just a spring planting party. I adore them!! Thank you Martha Stewart Weddings … what a great resource for today’s bride.

Let me just say that I have had a posting scheduled for November 5th for at least three weeks, BUT by popular demand, I preempted that posting to bring you today’s posting … it tickles me SO much, and I hope you like it, too!!

On Wednesday night at City View Skytop Restaurant in Downtown Lynchburg I hosted a vendor get together … complete with a beautiful autumn view, delicious hors d’oeuvres and a photo booth done by Capture It Photography.

Let me just tell you that some of these vendors were reluctant to jump into the photo booth, but it is amazing what happens when you start putting boas on guys and hand girls a microphone and a tiara! We had such a wonderful time, and thank you so much to Capture It and City View and to all of the great Hill City Bride vendors. All I can say is … “vendors are people, too” (as you will see below). Enjoy!!

Let me just say, that Brad Bennett (purple boa – Shaking Hands Productions) and Adam Barnes (pink boa – Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography) were VERY reluctant to go first (one of them actually said they were NOT going first), but once boas were thrown over their heads, they quickly changed their minds … it’s true!! The rest of us ladies were having a great time … Katie Lester (shades), Lauren Nutter (tiara – one of my WONDERFUL interns), Emily Hall (pink boa), Rachael Eberle (writer of “Newly Wed“) and I (microphone) loved having fun in front of the camera!!

Another one of our crazy first group … I just HAD to post this b/c Brad was laughing so hard … ha ha!!

Adam gave up his pink boa for a floral lei, and Brad does not look too impressed … LOL!!

Here are Kelly Lesley (blue hat) and Debbie Johnson (red boa) of Flavours Catering … delicious food and more for sure!! They look like they are having a great time.

Jessica Boardman (tiara – Celebration) couldn’t decide between what to wear on her head (as evidenced by the red and blue hats in her hands)! She had a great time posing with the adorable Tara Cofer of Tresca on 8th … one of Lynchburg’s finest venues.

Another of Jessica and Tara … so cute!!

Here Crystal and Elisha are at it again … adorable!!

Lovelies Caitlin Smith (pink boa) and Kim Jennings (red boa) of Capture It Photography enjoyed the hot apple cider. I greatly appreciate them coming and setting up the photo booth and taking the photos for us … it added so much to the evening, and it was a lot of fun!

David Duncan (David Duncan Photography) and Michelle Duncan (e&a WED and Church Street Bridal/Church Street Couture) caught a picture before they left … I just had to jump in!

Debbie Johnson (blue boa – Flavours Catering) and Kim Jennings (pink boa – Capture It Photography) are great friends who have lots of fun together … I love this one!

Sabrena Deal (S Carter Studios) and her husband Josh make a great team when it comes to music … hey, at least they play the part well!!

Then Sabrena (veil) and Josh were good sports about dressing up more when they were joined by the sweet Liz Cook (hat – Sincerely, Liz: Photography).

Sabrena and Liz changed it up and struck a pose together … cute!!

More silliness. We had no clue what the other was doing in these photos, which makes me laugh!

Rachael Eberle (pink boa – writer of “Newly Wed“), Heather Cheatham (microphone – Visions by Heather Photography) and I had a lot of fun … we should definitely take our show on the road!

What a jam session … ha ha (love those inflatable instruments)!! Allegra (blue hat – Allegra’s Studio), Kasey Forehand (pink boa – Boudoir), James Forehand (who was VERY reluctant but jumped in anyway!!) and I had fun trying to mock play a tune.

Allegra, Kasey, James and I decided to end with a bang!

Good grief … I laughed the entire time I was posting these. We really did have a great time! I think it is fun to see these wedding professionals in a different light … at least it was for me. Enjoy, and thanks to all of the vendors for being such good sports!

*Sigh* and speaking of being good sports, I do NOT want to post this last photo of me, but I did not give my vendors “veto rights” to their photos, so I guess it’s only fair. All I have to say is that the photo booth brings out the crazy in all of us!!

  • Crystal - I heart all of these! Wonderful job, Kim and Jennifer!

  • Chris Breedlove - I wanted to be there! Alas, already booked for that evening! Hopefully another will be along shortly and I can attend! Thanks Jennifer for your awesome-ness!

  • Jennifer - We missed you … next time for sure!!

  • Jeremiah - Way to funny. Not sure if i should run and hide now :)

  • sandra guelzo/RS Exclusive Event Company - We had a wonderful time enjoying the great company of all the vendors, delicious food, crazy fun photos and getting to know new friends in the business!! Thank you Jennifer for all your doing..your a sweetie and dear friend and we are so glad to be a part of it.. and thank you Kim for letting us all have fun in the crazy photo booth..

  • Jennifer - I appreciate everyone being such great sports!! I had a great time, and I really do love the vendors of HCB.

  • Kansas City Photo Booth - Thanks for posting these photos! My husband and I own a photo booth company in Kansas City and we’re always looking for fun new prop ideas. These photos are fantastic!!

  • Jennifer - We had a great time!

I am loving that all things vintage are back … especially for weddings! When I spotted Bethany’s bridal session by Kristin Salvia on the blog of Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography, I simply had to make this session a part of the blog (plus I know the bride!). The softness of the session combined with Bethany’s beauty make these photographs truly unique and memorable. Enjoy the images … looking at them makes me dream of relaxing picnics and romantic boat rides.

Kristin Salvia was the talented photographer who captured these images on behalf of Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography. Thank you, Kristin, for sharing this dreamy session with us, and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.