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Again, I am so excited to introduce a new photographer to the Hill City family!! Meet Jane Morice of Jane Bradley Photography. Her work is fun, and she thrives on capturing those special moments as is seen in the post below. If you recognize the bride, you must be familiar with the Bride of the Year, which is an honor that was bestowed upon Whitney by the Central Virginia Bridal Guide.

One super cool fact is that the new Mr. and Mrs. Talley drove away in the same exact car that Whitney’s parents drove away in when they got married … how amazing is that? A peek of Whitney’s bridals comes first, and her gown is from Celebration Bridal in downtown Lynchburg.

Oh, and if the wedding photos are not touching enough, wait until you hear this. Whitney’s grandparents could not be present at the ceremony due to health reasons, but the entire wedding was Skyped so that they could be a part of it. How thoughtful! Enjoy a glimpse of this sweet wedding, which took place at Whitney’s parents’ beautiful Boonsboro home.

Thank you again, Jane for sharing your work with Hill City Bride!

  • Jessie-Lee - Check out the view from her back yard, wowza! Love it!

Yes, this is one exciting weekend for one of our Hill City Bride vendors … Brad Bennett of Shaking Hands Productions is getting married today!!! Brad is a very talented cinematographer, and he and his bride, Lyndsey, make such a stunning couple. I have pre-dibs on featuring their wedding on the blog (yay!!), which is taking place at Riverview Manor and being photographed by the talented Adam Barnes.

Brad, I have really enjoyed getting to know you, and I admire your work. I am wishing you and Lyndsey the wedding that you dreamed of and also a lifetime of happiness. Congratulations!!

I wanted you to know just how gorgeous this couple is, and the photos below were taken by Kellan Studios … stunning!!

  • Linda Hall - Love Is In The Air - Decor, Cakes & Catering - What a handsome couple! Can’t wait to see the full blog!!!!!!!!

  • Brad and Lyndsey - If you got a hit from St. Maarten…it’s from us! Thank you so much Jennifer you are too sweet! Having a blast down here…just saw this! thanks and love being a part of HCB!

  • Jennifer - Awww … YAY!! Congrats to you both, and you are lucky to be out of rainy ol’ Lynchburg!!

Ok, next week I am going to move to autumn, so please forgive me for one last nod to the beach! I am clinging on to the last lazy thoughts of summer with sand between my toes and a book in my hands while I listen to the soft sound of the waves (although most of those days are spent by Central Virginia’s lakes for me!). This gorgeous wedding, captured by Sabrena Deal of S Carter Studios, took place at the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Enjoy this last hail to the sand and sea for a while!

I love how the beach theme was incorporated with such bright fun colors, and the added touches were darling … beach chairs on the cake, salt water taffy and shells on the table. Thanks goes out to Sabrena for giving us one last taste of summer. To view the full blog post of Jake and Patsy on the blog of S Carter Studios, just click here. We also have a giveaway going on, so be sure to check it out!

  • Nick jackson - What a gorgeous photographs…The beach,cake everything is looking so beautiful that I am not able to stop myself to look at these photos.
    Nick Jackson
    Provide Beach Weddings Packages

  • Linda Hall - Love Is In The Air - Decor, Cakes & Catering - Oh I love the bright colors… summer, I’m really going to miss you! And how fabulous to rent a beach house for your wedding!!!

Ok, girls … what did you do when you were younger when you had a piece of paper and a pen handy? Write a note? Scribble a drawing? Make a cootie catcher? I can be accused of doing all three, but I can remember loving it when one of my friends would come up with a fun cootie catcher … there were always fun surprises laying under the flaps. (If you need a schooling in the world of what on earth I am talking about, there is a great explanation here.)

When I saw these cute catchers from Darling Girl Paper on Etsy, I did a “no way” because not only did they remind me of grade school, BUT I also think that they are one of the most clever, fun ideas!!! I hope that you will agree. These would be so entertaining at a reception! A table can play together, or just a few people can join in on the fun.

There are several different kinds to choose from, and I am just highlighting a few of Darling Girl Paper‘s creative ideas. I also included the links (highlighted) so that you can read more details about what exactly is inside of each catcher.

Lucky in love! This wedding program is sure to keep your guests happy before the wedding no matter how early they arrive. The center of the catcher reveals the order of events for the wedding. How cute to be able to pass these out as guests arrive!

What a creative way to thank your guests. Leave these on the table, and when they play the inside is opened to reveal a sweet note of thanks.

This one is a photo scavenger hunt catcher. It asks all sorts of questions about the bride and groom, and then the guests can have fun taking the requested photos.

Here is one that doubles as a place card … what a creative idea!! I can just picture guests milling around together, or someone can even play the game by themselves as this one gives all sorts of personalized information about the bride and groom. What a great way to test the knowledge of your guests and have them on a quest to find out trivia about you.

See? Adorable, aren’t they? These are completely customized, and Darling Girl Paper is able to offer choices of both font and color in addition to adding the personalized questions and text inside. What a unique thing to have at your wedding! Also, when you place on order for a catcher you will receive a PDF, so it is up to you if you print off one per table or one per guest. That is part of the beauty of it!

Be sure to check out Darling Girl Paper because that is one of the requirements of this contest. Your first comment must be about your favorite cootie catcher (or set of catchers). And speaking of the contest, we are giving away one PDF design, so browse through the catchers freely … if you win, the single design of your choice is yours (sorry the multiple catchers are not included)!!

Have fun, and here is how to enter …

You can enter multiple times if you follow the guidelines below (be sure to post separate comments each time you do one of the instructions):

1. Go to Darling Girl Paper‘s website, find your favorite catcher, and then come back and comment on this post telling us what your favorite one is!

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9. Click on one of HCB’s wonderful vendors, and come back to tell me who you clicked on and why … fun!!

10. If you have another cool way to get the word out about this post, feel free to do so!

You have until to enter so that I can announce the winner. Do you have to be a bride to enter? NO!! I just want to spread the word about Darling Girl Paper and Hill City Bride, so anyone is welcomed to enter … have fun.

Again, a big thanks goes out to Darling Girl Paper for hosting this great giveaway. Be sure to check out her other great designs on Etsy! You have until 11:59 EST on Sunday, September 26th to enter so that I can announce the winner on the 27th. Have fun!!

  • Jessie-Lee - Oh my goodness, what a great idea! I featured letterpress cootie catchers on my own blog some time ago, but I hadn’t thought of the idea to use them as party entertainment. I am in love with the Bachelorette (Truth/Dare and Scavenger Hunt) Cootie Catcher. I have a friend who will be married next year and these would be right up her alley for a shower or the bachelorette party! Great giveaway HCB! Keep them coming!

  • Lemon - Those are so great! What a unique way to grab people’s attention. Love ‘em!

  • Caren - LOVE the birthday ones!! My sons would LOVE them as well ! (I am following you on twitter and FB…I will share the giveaway on my facebook account as well) :)

  • Sharon - I love the Rehearsal Schedule Wedding Cootie Catcher – I think it’d be a lifesaver for our out-of-town guests to put the essential info and schedule!

  • Ginger - I love the photo scavenger hunt! So cute!

  • Kristen J - I absolutely LOVE the Wedding Photo-Scavenger Hunt Cootie Catcher!!! We are going to have lots of games during our reception, and this would add an extra layer of fun to the whole night!


  • Kristen J - I tweeted the link!



  • Kristen J - I Follow Hill City Bride on Twitter!



  • Kristen J - I put the link on FB!


  • Kristen J - I am a Fan of HCB on facebook!


  • Cortney Lovelace - I love the wedding word search one! Super cute! This would also be good for a bridal shower as well as the wedding.


  • Cortney Lovelace - I clicked on YWCA Church Street Bridal- I think the store is amazing!!! I am actually a consultant in the formal wear store, Church Street Bridal Too. We are blessed to receive great donations of beautiful, new dresses and the proceeds go to help to programs of the YWCA! If you are looking for a wedding dress, mother of the bride dress, etc. stop by and see us!

  • Jennifer - Sharon was the winner!! Thank you all for participating!!

One of the things that I enjoy about Hill City Bride is having the ability to showcase the talent that we have in and around Lynchburg … especially in the area of photography. It amazes me how the Hill City has so many talented photographers, yet they each have their own style and flair.

I am so excited to show off the work of one of our new advertisers, Kimberly Burke of K D Burke Photography. Jeff and Ashley’s engagement session took place in downtown Lynchburg, and I love how Kimberly mixed it up while including fun, sweet and even sexy in this session.

Again, a warm welcome goes out to K D Burke Photography, and I am wishing this stunning couple a wonderful lifetime together. Also, be sure to enter our cute giveaway that ends tomorrow night … click here for more information.