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Everyday Wedding – Seth & Jessi

I am so excited to share today’s wedding with you! Some of the photos that I will be posting in the next few weeks are ones that I have been holding on to for two reasons… one was because I was saving posts for when the new blog went live, and the other is because I was waiting for the wedding issue of clutch to go to print! I know many of you don’t have an actual copy of our wedding issue in hand yet, but until then you can head here to take a peek at a copy online.

This lovely wedding takes place at the home of the Jessi’s parents, and believe it or not (I love this part!) Jessi’s parents were married under that exact same tree. I wonder how much the tree has grown in that amount of time? The pops of yellow and aqua coupled with the perfect weather make this wedding so bright and happy. Jessi actually picked aqua because Seth jokingly asked for a hue that would make his “baby blues” pop, and the lemon color was the perfect accent.

Personalized details such as the letters on the tree and the monogrammed necklace (what a great gift idea for a bride with her new initials!) add a special touch to this outdoor wedding photographed by Visions by Heather Photography. I hope it makes you swoon as much as I did when I saw it! To let you in on a little secret, Jessi herself is also a wedding planner, and her own wedding showcases her lovely talents. Enjoy this stunning wedding today!

Photo by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather www.visionsbyheather.com
Photo by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather www.visionsbyheather.com
Photo by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather www.visionsbyheather.com
Photo by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather www.visionsbyheather.com
Photo by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather www.visionsbyheather.com
Photo by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather www.visionsbyheather.com
Photo by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather www.visionsbyheather.com
Photo by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather www.visionsbyheather.com
Photo by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather www.visionsbyheather.com
Photo by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather www.visionsbyheather.com
Photo by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather www.visionsbyheather.com
Photo by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather www.visionsbyheather.com
Photo by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather www.visionsbyheather.com
Photo by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather www.visionsbyheather.com
Photo by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather www.visionsbyheather.com
Photo by Heather Cheatham of Visions by Heather www.visionsbyheather.com

As a sidebar, we asked Jessi a few things that her family had to do in order to get their home ready for a wedding. I know what I have to do at times just to get ready for company let alone a full wedding. Here are some of the things that they did to get their home and property in order:

  • repainted the exterior
  • landscaped both the front and back yards
  • installed new gravel
  • refinished the driveway
  • roped off fields for parking
  • planted bushes, flowers and trees that would bloom in time for the August wedding
  • researched when to cut the grass so it would be the perfect height

If you would like to read more about the story of Jessi and Seth’s wedding just click here to see our most recent wedding issue where their wedding appears on pages 34-37.

Also, we have to give great kudos to all of the talented vendors that made this lovely wedding happen, so be sure to check out the list below.


  • Photography – Visions by Heather Photography
  • Band – Trademark Band
  • Bridesmaid Dresses – Caryn’s Bridal
  • Cake – Montana Plains Bakery
  • Catering – Deb & Dale Davis
  • Dress – Anjolique Bridal
  • Flowers – Pharsalia
  • Groomsmen Attire – Joseph A Bank
  • Hair – Creative Images Hair & Makeup Artistry



  • Jessi Otey - Thank ya’ll so much for the absolutely gorgeous feature! (I’m a little biased) We are so thankful to be featured in your blog and in print! Have a fabulous weekend!

    xoxo Jess

  • Jennifer - So honored to feature your beautiful wedding, Jessi. You did a lovely job with everything!

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Everyday Wedding- Javier & Erin

Just wait until you see this wedding! It definitely has unique written all over it, which many brides do, yet it is very hard to accomplish at times. From little touches like the lacing of the dress to the bride’s shawl to the bridesmaids’ dresses and the eclectic decor, you will be inspired from Erin’s ideas.

Read what Erin had to say about her day peppered throughout the photos by KD Burke Photography

First off, with us working in ministry, my fiancée and I decided on a strict $10,000 budget. We wanted everything to feel handmade and bring in as many vintage aspects as possible. We want to model our marriage after my Mema and Grandaddy, and they were married in 1946 in the dirt road country of North Carolina, so we decided we wanted everything to look simple and refreshing.

KD Burke Photography

Whenever anyone asked what to wear we just told them it was all “cotton casual” we didn’t want anything that looked synthetic. Even my dress was cotton. Our colors were flexible but based around turquoise, orange, khaki, and grey. We didn’t want everything to match or look “perfectly put together”, so nothing was an exact color match. Our bridesmaids and groomsmen were told a general idea of what they needed to wear and I think they did a great job of picking out outfits that went with our wedding BUT could also be worn WHENEVER!

KD Burke Photography

KD Burke Photography

KD Burke Photography

It was important to me that when my children look at these pictures they could see that you don’t have to be the world’s idea of beautiful to feel beautiful. I love my pink hair, and to conform for wedding pictures would have made me miserable at my wedding.

KD Burke Photography

KD Burke Photography

KD Burke Photography

KD Burke Photography

My something old was the center diamond on my engagement ring, which was my great grandmother’s diamond. Something new was my new sneakers with my new name on the back of them. Something borrowed was a pocket mirror from a bridesmaid. But, I’m most proud of my something blue. We took blue shirt fabric from both of my grandfathers and my daddy, and my aunt sewed them into a patchwork heart that we attached to the hip of my dress. 

KD Burke Photography

KD Burke Photography

We used my grandaddy’s Bible rather than a pillow for the rings, and I covered it in burlap and jute. Also, there was a silver cross, a silver tag that said “hope”, and our silver rings that also said “I love you more 5.4.13”; all three of which represented faith, hope, and love. Our rings were made are really unique because you can only see their inscription when the rings are put one on top of the other.

KD Burke Photography

I loved the Timberlake Tavern for the fact that it was SIMPLE! We could do anything to it to dress it up, but if we wanted things bare it would still look rustically gorgeous. The hardwood floors were contrasted by the painted white brick. We got married in the corner of the porch so as to have seating on both sides and fit more people. The ceiling fans were going and the bulbs were lit, everything was in bloom, and the inside had a warm luscious glow. The place is breathtakingly and simply refreshing, which was really all we wanted.

KD Burke Photography

My man surprised me with his vows, they were a letter he wrote to his future wife on June 8, 2008. Four years before we even met!!! The surprise had me wiping tears away, but when we got done with vows, and our pastor read a poem that my granddaddy had written for my mema on their 50th anniversary, I lost it. I even had to look back to see my mom’s face and the reaction of her brothers and my cousins. Not a dry eye.

KD Burke Photography

KD Burke Photography

I made all of the tablecloths myself, and my little sister and some friends helped me make centerpieces. We spray painted about 200 bottles! Each one had an element of cloth, string, or metal on it. Some had pearls, some had words like “blessed” and “wish” on the silver tags, some had buttons. Like I said I didn’t want ANYTHING to really match, so everyone that helped with bottles was just set loose to create. 

KD Burke Photography

Rather than do classic table numbers we used a Bible verse that tells the characteristics of love, so each table was a different characteristic. (ex: love never fails, love keeps no record of wrongs, love is patient, etc). Each table “number” was held in place by a cut cork in the top of bottle, and I handmade each of them from cardstock, lace, and stamps. 

KD Burke Photography

KD Burke Photography

KD Burke Photography

KD Burke Photography

Place cards were in horizontal corks that had been halved and cut. Escort cards were attached to mason jar drinking glasses. Kids got vintage school milk bottles with their names written on chalkboard stickers. We had CUTE paper straws with banners saying “best.day.ever.” On the mantle behind our bridal table were more signs and pom-poms that I handmade out of cupcake liners and Styrofoam balls.

KD Burke Photography

KD Burke Photography

In the interest of saving money we decided on a pie buffet rather than a traditional wedding cake, but we still needed something to cut! We had all the women in the family bring two pies, and my mom made little flags for each one. They were GONE in a flash! My dear friend Megan Sargeant Jenkins made us three cakes, and each cake had a fruit representing the flavor on top. (peach, lemon, creamsicle) and each was covered in buttercream frosting. YUM!

KD Burke Photography

KD Burke Photography

KD Burke Photography

KD Burke Photography

KD Burke Photography

We decided to take communion as our first act of marriage. After that we were totally ready for the pastor to allow us to kiss but as soon as we went in for the kill he put our hands between our faces and our whole bridal party stopped us!  They all got their camera phones out, and some took pictures while others recorded our first kiss. We got LOTS of different angles of our first kiss, and one priceless pic of my prego bridesmaid lunging in front of everyone else to get the best shot! 

KD Burke Photography

My mom and step-mom made the bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. Cotton reminds me of my childhood… driving past the fields and just thinking it was so beautiful, so my bouquet, boutonnieres and corsages were all made of cotton, greenery from my dad’s yard, and baby’s breath. The first flowers my man ever brought me were spider mums, and it was important to me to incorporate those somehow so the bridesmaids and flower girl held one spider mum each surrounded by wildflowers. All flower and cotton pieces were held together by ribbon I had made that said “I love you more 5.4.13”.

KD Burke Photography

KD Burke Photography

All-in-all, I realized throughout the process how beautiful and challenging it is to plan and put together your own wedding. My fiancée didn’t understand all that I was doing, but my husband thought the wedding was amazing and so “us”. I got so many compliments on the details, uniqueness, and the history involved in our big day. As long as I had a vision for what I wanted and I could somewhat communicate that to everyone helping, I knew that it would be special, and it was.  It really was our best. day. ever.

Isn’t that wonderful? What a great story, and very inspiring! I love how they incorporated so much of their family heritage into the details along with being true to who they were as individuals and also as a couple. It really does go to show that a GREAT wedding can really happen for under $10,000! Be sure to take a peek at her full wedding vendor list, and I hope this inspired you as much as it did me. Best wishes Erin and Javier!

Venue – Timberlake Tavern

Photographer – KD Burke Photography

Event Designer – bride

Event Coordinator – Karen Amato

Makeup – Makeup by Ashley

Hair – Ashley Falls (style) David L Hensley (color)

Cake/Dessert – Megan Sargeant Jenkins (cake), family (pies)

Caterer – Friends Catering

Florist – Flowers provided by Irvington Springs Farm and Bloom by Doyle’s but designed by Karen Yates and Vickie Litchford

Officiant – Ralph Johnson

Ceremony Musicians – Kasey Barber and Ryan Fabian

DJ/Band – Aaron Stainback

Wedding Dress – LaTisha Davis

Veil/Hair Accessory – Nightingale (a division of Storm & Stress)

Jewelry – La France Vintage Consignment

Shoes – Reebok custom

Bridesmaids’ Dresses – ModCloth

Groom’s shoes – Nike

Stationery – designed by bride and groom, printed using CatPrint


Beautiful Stationary from Minted

Invitations come in all shapes and sizes (just check out our Pinterest board for ideas, here). Whether you are thinking about sending out something classically formal or casually whimsical, you want your invitations and save the dates to really reflect your style as a couple. After all, that is the very first impression that someone will have of your big day!

One company offers a vast selection along with the ease of shopping online. Minted (check out their amazing “save the date” selection here) offers all of the latest trends at the click of a button. Here are a few of our personal favorites!

Floral Minted Save the Date

Minted Crab Save the Date

Minted Floral Save the Date

Minted Photo Save the Date

Minted Proposal Save the Date

Minted Silhouette Save the Date

Minted Travel Invitation

I love the options available! If you don’t see one that suits your style from our posting, just head to their site. They have hundreds to choose from due to utilizing the talents of so many different designers. So beautiful! I hope this got your ideas flowing for your wedding stationary, and be sure to check out Minted here. Have a lovely day, and what a great start to 2014!