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We Virginians are so fortunate to have so many lovely wedding venues around. From downtown high rises to picturesque farms, the options are endless, and although it’s a “new” venue, Edloe Glades is full of history and beauty. With a gorgeous manor house, a lush landscape and even a pond (so great!), it’s the location that photographer Melissa Batman chose for a styled shoot. So lovely! Here are a few ideas from this rose gold wedding shoot that stand out to me:

  • The signature drink. I LOVE, love, love the idea of having a signature drink for a wedding. Isn’t it great? The “French Kiss” was the name of this creation. If you don’t want to have an open bar (expensive!), having a creatively styled drink for the evening is a perfect way to go. Don’t want alcohol? A non-alcoholic signature drink would work fine, too – or have the non-alcoholic version available for those who choose that option or for those under 21.
  • What a fun sign! Repurposing a long forgotten mirror (that was probably broken) into a chalkboard is so fun – no matter how you choose to incorporate it into your Virginia wedding.
  • Black chairs are a nice alternative to white, and the addition of mercury glass as flower vases is lovely.
  • The food looks DELICIOUS, and the cake is simple yet stunning. And, yes, there are edible sequins out there – who knew?
  • This couple is just the cutest! The “groom” is part Native American and also happens to be the photographer’s son. So fun!

Well, there’s enough inspiration here to keep you busy for a while, and if you want a rose gold wedding you will find lots of fun ideas. Enjoy!





This small, private wedding was years in the making. Although it was a second marriage for both, Eric and Jenny had played together as children due to their fathers being in the same line of work. Eric had moved away while they were still young, but he reconnected with Jenny several years later. In front of about 30 guests, they stood beneath a beautiful tree and shared “I do”s.

Be sure to take note of some of their wedding day’s details:

  • Color! From the florals to shoes and dresses, the use of color is so lovely.
  • Their respective children were the wedding attendants – I love that they incorporated their children into such special roles for their wedding day.
  • The signature tree for guests is so perfect – they had just the right amount of guests for a small, hangable keepsake

In addition, I think they did a second wedding in such a tasteful way – and having a bed and breakfast wedding (in Appomattox!) was a lovely way to go. Enjoy!




photo: Crystal Reyns Photography – more of their e-session here

{This article was just featured in our most recent wedding magazine.}

Congratulations – you’re finally engaged and you have the ring to prove it! As you and your partner embark on the journey that is wedding planning, you are surely excited by what the next year or so of engagement has in store. It can be tempting to dive in head first and surround yourself with all things weddings, but it’s important to take it slow in order to prevent yourself from taking on undue stress and burning out. With that in mind, here are some of the first things you should do after getting engaged.

Enjoy it! That’s right – quit dreaming up color palettes and mapping out your ideal tablescapes in your head. Log off of Pinterest and put your phone down. It’s time to unplug and truly take in all of the bliss of your new engagement. Plan a romantic date night to celebrate, just the two of you – the planning can wait, but you won’t get back these precious moments again.


photo by Cardinal Rose Photography

Share the news. Assuming you didn’t livestream the proposal (you didn’t, did you!?), the time will come for you and your fiancé to spread the news. Before you pick the Instagram filter that best suits your ring’s sparkle, be sure to personally tell those that are close to you. Your parents or your best friend will want to be the first to know about your engagement – don’t let them find out through social media! Once your loved ones are in on the news, feel free to spread the love throughout your social accounts.

Settle on a budget. You weren’t expecting to start with wedding dress shopping and cake tasting, were you? The wedding budget is the end all, be all of your planning process – it will have an effect on every aspect of your big day, so it only makes sense to start there. Sit down with your partner and start with a ballpark number – at what point can you not bear to spend any more money? It could be $10,000 or $100,000. Whatever it is, find a common place where you can agree on an overall budget for your wedding.


photo by Ashley Eiban Photography

Pick your Big Three Once you have an idea of your wedding’s price tag, it’s time to settle on your Big Three: the three most important must-haves on your wedding day. More than likely, these will be the categories you spend the most on, so it’s important to come to a consensus. Is there a venue that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a child? Does the entertainment make all the difference to you? Is food a priority? Or do you value high-quality photography more? If you’re having trouble agreeing on three, pick one that you can both agree is most important and then select an aspect for each of you – that way, you can compromise and everybody will get what they want.

Once you get through these first steps after your engagement, you can begin the initial stages of research for your wedding. Above all, don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

Amanda Zack is a wedding PR specialist with OFD Consulting, based in Richmond, VA. She also serves as a Public Relations adjunct professor at her alma mater, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Whether or not it’s Valentine’s Day, couples choose to incorporate heart wedding inspiration into their big day because… well, hearts symbolize love! Here is an inspiration board filled with fun and simple ideas for you to incorporate into your own wedding or even a Valentine’s event. So fun!

Heart Wedding Inspiration as seen on Hill City Bride Blog

  1. These DIY glittered heart cake toppers would be adorable on individual cupcakes, too. Idea via A Bubbly Life.
  2. What cute treat bags! These are via Style Me Pretty.
  3. Adding super sweet heart cookies is such an adorable touch – yummy! Photo by O’Malley Photography.
  4. Hang lovely paper hearts on string as a backdrop. So beautiful and effective to add dimension to a space. Photo by Kim Le Photography.
  5. Pink donuts? Yes, please? But I also love the fact that tiny hearts were cut out of doilies – what a great way to repurpose old or damaged crocheted pieces. Photo by Sarah K Chen Photography.

I hope you enjoyed this heart wedding inspiration today, and happy February! If you have ideas for future inspiration boards, just let me know. I love creating them!


I just adore Colonial Williamsburg – I’ve only been there to enjoy the history, but imagine using it as the location for your engagement session as Chris and Melanie did with photographer Diana Gordon. Oh, and the bride has a fun backstory about her engagement. I love it!! I’m going to let her tell you her story, and after you read it, I hope you enjoy this Williamsburg e-session today!

I was not surprised when a few months before my birthday in 2014, he started the teasing process. For weeks I endured his taunting of ‘this will be the best birthday you’ve had’ and ‘I don’t know how I’ll top this one.’ In the past, whenever he said things like that, it ended up being a book or a bicycle or gear to wear while on the back of his motorcycle. Useful, but not particularly heart breaking gifts; but he was relentless in also saying that I would probably be in tears of overwhelming joy. At that point in our relationship, I wanted nothing more than for him to propose.

Since I fell in love with him at 13, he had been by my side almost every single day, and had become my best friend, adventure partner, and my rock whenever things got crazy. I knew then that I wanted to spend my life with him, but I also knew that we didn’t have enough to afford a wedding, much less an engagement ring. As a result, his non-stop teasing would put me down in the dumps because even though I was sure that I would love whatever he had planned, it still wouldn’t be the promise I really desired.

On Father’s Day [which was also Melanie’s birthday], we finally got to my house where we gave my father his recliner – that he immediately started to break in – and began to cook a big celebration feast. All my siblings were there, plus Chris’ family, and a few family friends. Through the hustle and bustle of lots of people in a tiny house, the time flew by, and before I knew it, we had finished eating and had started to cut the birthday cake. As I cleaned up what I could, I barely noticed Chris say that he had to use the restroom upstairs.

I had just sat down when I heard him call my name. I looked up and saw him standing at the base of the stairs wearing a full suit – tie and dress shoes and all – with something behind his back. My heart dropped to my stomach and started beating frantically. I froze. Chris’ mother sitting next to me had to push me to get up. I walked towards him but my hands were already shaking, and my insides were very quickly freaking out so I stopped a few feet short. He came towards me and started to say something but at that point, I had already blanked out. I can’t remember for the life of me what he said! Not one word. He could’ve been speaking pig-Latin or something and it would’ve all sounded the same to me.

He handed me a little box, which I opened to see not a ring, but a small piece of paper that read “always and forever”. I smiled and started to cry. When I looked up from the box, he was already down on one knee, with a smaller box in his hands, the prettiest ring I had ever seen inside, and from his lips came my present “Will you marry me?” Now, if this had been a movie, I would have cried, “Yes!” and we would’ve kissed, slowly fading into the credits. I’m much too awkward for movies.

Tears were quickly falling, and I attempted to cover my face with my hand while at the same time trying to say yes, though I am told nothing actually came out of my mouth. I then tried to nod, but only succeeded in looking like a circus seal. It wasn’t until my father said from somewhere behind me ‘Melanie, you have to say something’ that I partially regained consciousness enough to where a solid ‘yes’ left my lips, my hand fell to receive the ring, and once Chris stood up, I quickly collapsed in his arms and tried to hide from all the eyes on us in the room. Most of them were crying with me, so it wasn’t so bad. Chris was very spot on – it was definitely a birthday for the books.


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