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Ok, it’s safe to say that when something from Lynchburg, Virginia comes my way, I give it a little extra love. After all, I live within walking distance of the downtown (a healthy walk, but still!). The buildings are so lovely, and – as you will see – there are so many places to stop and have engagement sessions. From the top of Monument Terrace to a stop by the LOVE sign near Percival’s Island, be sure to take a peek at this downtown Lynchburg e-session today photographed by Amelia Lynn Photography. As a sidebar, I met Amelia through my wedding endeavors when she was a bride-to-be. Now she has been married for a while and is a wonderful photographer – on top of being a sweet and talented gal.

Downtown Lynchburg E-session as seen on Hill City Bride Wedding Blog

Here are a few things I adore about their session.

  • Ah! The red bike is so lovely, and it perfectly coordinates with Sarah’s dress. It’s adorable – both the dress and the bike.
  • The use of hats is so fun. Luke wears his so well. Sarah’s outfit change is a smart choice both for color and for hat usage – to wear and to hide a kiss here and there.
  • My favorite part about this downtown Lynchburg e-session is the fact that there are SO many Lynchburg landmarks showcased. If you know the area, you will recognize so many places. If you aren’t near Lynchburg, these images will make you wish you were!
  • Despite the dreary day, Luke and Sarah made the best of it and had an absolutely love engagement photo session with Amelia. Beautiful!

Enjoy this downtown Lynchburg e-session today!

Love books? Me too! If you enjoy reading or just adore the quaint feel of literary pieces, I hope you gain ideas from our book wedding inspiration today. From invitations to favors (and a book DIY project!), we have five fun ideas.

This post contains affiliate links, which helps to support our blogging efforts while also making it easier for you to find great products. 

Literary Wedding Inspiration Book Wedding Ideas as seen on Hill City Bride - signage, invitation, favor, diy, banner

Ideas follow clockwise starting with the top left.

  • What a fun DIY project from our own blog! Be sure to check here for a tutorial. Just collect old books, which can be found online here, clock hands (here) and numbers 1-12 (here) to complete the look. Set the “time” to the table number (use increments, such as 4:30 if you have more than 12 tables) and put them on your table for a fun, eclectic look that is sure to wow your guests. What cute literary wedding decor!
  • This floral wedding garland from LaMiaCasa can be customized and is made out of French book pages. With a 3 dimensional look, this paper banner can be used as a backdrop for your ceremony or reception and repurposed in your home. It’s also a cute idea for a bridal shower, and with a price tag of $6, it’s super affordable for a bride on a budget.
  • I love, love, love this idea! This sign is just $15, which is a super steal, and it’s customizable according to it’s color and wording. Imagine welcoming your guests with this wedding signage! It’s absolutely perfect for a book wedding, isn’t it? Oh, and here is an easel for propping up the sign. Cute!
  • The invitation is the first impression your guests receive, so why not showcase your literary love with this book wedding invitation? It talks about starting the couple’s first chapter, and the RSVP card is just too cute. Sold starting for $40 for 10, and oh so literary! If these aren’t your favorite, check out this full selection of literary wedding invitations here.
  • Last, but certainly not least, take a peek at these library card favor pouches. I miss library cards, don’t you? Add a bit of nostalgia as you fill these little pouches with whatever you wish for your own book wedding.
  • Melissa Durham Photography - That floral garland is SO cool! I’m a sucker for anything related to books, honestly. There’s something so…timeless about them.

  • Jennifer - I agree! I adore all things book, also, and I agree about it being timeless. So true!

Wedding Budget Tips as seen on Hill City Bride - budgeting, finances, money, weddings, advice

photos by Steven and Lily Photography, see more here

When you’re newly engaged, the last thing you want to think about is your wedding budget. Chances are you’d rather be filling your Pinterest board with gorgeous bouquets, centerpieces and the like. However, when you’re newly married, the last thing you want is to deal with debt from overspending on your wedding.

So, how is a couple supposed to create a budget for the biggest day of their lives? Well, be sure to look at our wedding budget tips to help!

Work together

Creating a wedding budget is a two-person job, regardless of who is taking on the bulk of the planning. Set aside some time to sit down one-on-one and come up with a number that seems reasonable. Consider who will be footing the bill – are you getting help from family members or will you be handling the costs yourselves? Discuss with one another until you come to an agreement on a number, be it $10,000 or $100,000.

Break it down

Once you have an idea of how much you’re willing to spend on your wedding, it’s time to break it down into categories. There are many resources online that can help allocate your expenses out by category, so don’t hesitate to do research first. Generally, the venue and catering takes up about half the budget so set that aside.

From there, determine the top three must-haves for your wedding. It could be great music, delicious food, or photography that lasts a lifetime. Whatever your ‘big three’ are, make them priorities on your budget. If you already have certain vendors in mind, don’t be afraid to request a quote and include that in your budget as well. The more realistic your numbers are, the more likely you are to stick to it.

Factor in ‘hidden’ fees

While it’s easy to allocate your budget out to the big things, keep in mind that there will be other expenses to consider as well. Be sure to set aside some extra money for taxes, as well as tips for certain vendors. The best way to account for these additional expenditures is to create a contingency budget – 10% is a reasonable amount. This is money that isn’t allocated out, but acts as an emergency fund to cover costs that weren’t originally factored into the budget.

Stick to it!

This is, of course, easier said than done. Remember that you set a budget together for a reason. While it may not seem like much to spend a bit extra on upgrading a bouquet, small expenses can certainly add up. If possible, look for ways to DIY parts of your wedding to save some pennies. Be firm and resolute with your budget, keeping in mind that your wedding is much more than the little details.

Once you’ve finalized your budget, it’s time to move onto the next step – picking your venue and vendors! While this can be exciting, it’s essential that it takes place after setting the budget in order to ensure your chosen vendors are all within your price range.

We hope these wedding budget tips were helpful. Happy planning! For more budget tips check here.

  • Jen Orth - This is great advice! The point about creating categories is a huge tip. Without budgeting, I found that I “thought” I had more money for everything I was planning than I actually did. Seeing how the money was divided up into categories and moving the money around between them was a life saver!

Want to spice up your way? Well, temporary wedding tattoos are the perfect way to do so. Whether you coordinate as a couple or have fun with your bridesmaids, here are five of our favorite ideas.

This post does contain affiliate links to products that both help our blog and independent sellers on Etsy. 

5 Temporary Wedding Tattoos as seen on Hill City Bride

Descriptions for our temporary wedding tattoos flow from left to right below.

  1. This customizable diamond tattoo is super cute! The names of the wedding couple are placed in a banner across the diamond, which make fun wedding details to leave on the tables for guests to enjoy and apply during the reception – or give them out at the rehearsal dinner so guests can wear these temporarty tattoos to the wedding. $200/50 pieces
  2. Love Disney or -better yet – headed there for your honeymoon? Then these Mr. and Mrs. temporary wedding tattoos are the cutest! Little Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse ears show where your love lies – with each other and Disney! $6/pair
  3. Organizing a bachelorette party? This temporary tattoo from Siideways is perfect! I love the different typography, and it is completely customizable with the bride’s name. How fun is that? $1.50
  4. Craving another choice as a couple? This one may do! These temporary wedding tattoos say “all of me” and “loves all of you” to create the perfect pairing for just $5.60
  5. If shiny and metallic is your thing, then this “bride tribe” tattoo is fun for a bachelorette or shower. Get your maids together, and give them all one of these to sport!

Temporary wedding tattoos can be so much fun! They are low commitment (lasting 2-7 days) and add an element of fun. If you want more options, check out this full listing filled with ideas here.

Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride

It’s so fun when two people’s lives – and cultures come together as you will see in this Arabic fusion wedding today! With Middle Eastern touches such as the two signs – one in English and the other in Arabic – it’s fun to experience something different. Here are a few of our favorite things about this wedding.
  • Chris and Aisha kept the tradition of not seeing each other until she walked down the aisle. They also decided to write their own vows and not reveal them until they met at the altar. Aisha’s favorite part was how Chris and her both joked about her love for spicy foods and his low tolerance for basically anything spicier than black pepper.
  • They incorporated Aisha’s Middle Eastern heritage by adding some Arabic calligraphy to the invitations in addition to the two “welcome” signs; one in English and one in Arabic.
  • Aisha is beautiful, and her upswept hair allowed for the back of her dress – with beautiful illusion and lace – to really shine through. Gorgeous!
  • During the reception, they played a few Arabic songs to dance to as well. The sisters all danced together.

Such a gorgeous event. I hope you enjoy this arabic fusion wedding today!

Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0001Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0002Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0003Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0004Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0005Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0006Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0007Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0008Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0009Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0010Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0011Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0012Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0013Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0014Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0015Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0016Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0017Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0018Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0019Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0020Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0021Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0022Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0023Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0024Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0025Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0026Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0027Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0028Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0029Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0030Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0031Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0032Arabic Fusion Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride_0033


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