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5 Personalized Bridesmaids

When it comes to giving bridesmaids’ gifts, something personalized as a keepsake as well as useful on the day of your wedding is a perfect choice! That way they have a functional item as well as something that will bring back memories each time they utilize it. Your gift will go a long way! Check out 5 of our favorite personalized bridesmaids’ gift ideas from Etsy.

Clockwise from top left:

  • This zip up jacket is perfect for both a bride and her wedding attendants to wear on the big day. Available in a variety of colors, a monogram adds a personalized touch. It will keep everyone cozy on the wedding day and beyond. Check out the full information (and how you can order multiple!) here.
  • I never have enough makeup bags and places to sort my many hair/body/face/beauty products, so this personalized, zippered bag is sure to get utilized over and over again. Such a lovely choice with personalization options here.
  • Toast the big day and serve mimosas or champagne in these fun, personalized flutes. Your bridesmaids will enjoy a special drink to celebrate along with having a lovely glass to keep complete with their name. See your options here.
  • Why not provide your attendants with a lovely, personalized hanger to keep their bridesmaid gown wrinkle free and photographable throughout the day. Plus, they can utilize the hanger to store the dress later on. So fun! Check out your options here, and be sure to get one for yourself!
  • We ALL have lots of stuff to tote around – shoes, makeup, hairspray and the like – on the big day. A lovely place to store their possessions is a wonderful way to thank your maids. Plus, it helps to ensure that they don’t leave anything behind on the day of. These totes are timeless and sturdy, and be sure to check them out here.

What will you choose? I’m sure your attendants will love it no matter what, and we hope you enjoyed our bridesmaids’ gift ideas today!

This post does contain Etsy affiliate links, which helps to keep our blog going!

One thing I like about gatherings is the food – especially if it’s themed. So, why not offer some bridal shower food inspiration to tempt your tastebuds and get your creative juices flowing? If you are the maid-of-honor planning the shower or have another event to plan, here are some fun ideas to incorporate and themes to build on. Enjoy!

Bridal Shower Food Inspiration as seen on Hill City Bride

  1. A pancake breakfast would be oh so fun! At the bridal shower, have fluffy stacks of pancakes – using a kebab and paper name tag – all ready to go. Offer different syrups – maple, strawberry and blueberry – along with other toppings such as butter, chocolate chips and confectioner’s sugar to add to the fun. Add fresh fruit and orange juice and your bridesmaids’ breakfast is ready to go. So fun! Idea via OnceWed
  2. Delicate shortbread cookies iced and topped with a sprig of lavender or another edible adds a natural element of fun and class. Either use them as favors or as an addition to your already spectacular spread of bridal shower treats. Yum! View this full bridal shower here.
  3. I love, love, love this idea!! A mimosa bar seems like such an amazing amount of fun, doesn’t it? This inspiration is so great for a morning bridal shower. Have champagne and different juices along with fruit for a festive event. If you want more inspiration, check it out on Brit + Co here.
  4. Looking to do something healthy? Offer different fruits for a make your own smoothie bar. Fresh and frozen fruit along with yogurt, juices, ice and other additives (chia seeds, maybe?) will provide refreshment and fun as you blend away. There are lots more ideas from The TomKat Studio here.
  5. Last but not least – for me, I’d say – great bridal shower food inspiration must include lemon. And aren’t these darling? Check out the recipe for these lemon meringue cookie kabobs here – these are adorable for any event, aren’t they?

I hope these treat and food ideas give you ideas for your own bridal shower or event. I know I learned a thing or two – so fun!

Lynchburg Virginia DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride

If the idea of a woodland wedding appeals to you – especially if you love DIY or are on a budget – then this DIY forest wedding near Lynchburg is here to inspire! It’s filled with lovely, handmade elements that Kevin and Amanda had woven throughout their day. Passionate about creating and wanting a unique, financially friendly affair, this couple had a lovely day full of whimsy and ideas.

  • Amanda made her own wedding invitations (made 2 months before the wedding) and dress (sewn three weeks before the wedding).
  • Flowers were purchased and arranged by the bride and her maids the day before.
  • The bridesmaids were given a color palette and could either chose a solid color from the hues or pick a floral patterned dress that included the color scheme.
  • The bride and bridemaids had a bachelorette party at Rivermont Makery to craft the wedding day headbands.

Be sure to check out the vendor credits for more ways that this couple’s family and friends pitched in for their big day.

Lynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City BrideLynchburg VA DIY Forest Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride


  • Bridal Gown, Stationery, Boutonnieres – Bride
  • Photographer – Colin Mukri
  • Hair – Angie McGouldrick (friend of bride)
  • Makeup – Fabine Edma (friend of bride)
  • Hairpieces – DIY at Rivermont Makery
  • Florals – made by Bride and Bridesmaids (flowers from Kroger)
  • Groomswear – Asos
  • Catering – Joyce Yoder (aunt of groom)
  • Music Playlist – Nathan and Lindsey Isidro (brother and sister-in-law of the bride)
  • Groom’s attire: Asos
  • Wedding Venue: Backyard (bride’s parents)
  • Portrait Venue – The Wisecarver Farm
  • Officiant – Todd Foster
  • Videographer – Josh Etheridge

Tips for Selecting Your Venue as seen on Hill City Bride

photos: Heart of High Peak (L) & West Manor by Visions by Heather Photography (R)

When you first get engaged, there are two things you’ll find yourself doing: staring at the sparkly rock on your finger and dreaming up every possible vision for your wedding. While it may be tempting to start pinning every centerpiece you can find, there’s one puzzle piece that you need to put into place first: selecting your venue!

Your venue will be the foundation for every aspect of your wedding, from the overall theme to the team of vendors you choose. Understandably, it is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in the wedding process, so it’s not one to take lightly.

Here are some tips to help you pick the venue that will create your wedding dream come true.

Know your limits

When you start shopping for venues, it’s important to be armed with the knowledge of your boundaries – namely, your budget and your guest list. Neither have to be set in stone just yet, as they’ll likely change as the process goes on. However, it’s important to start out with a ballpark guest count and estimated budget. Those figures will help you find venues that can accommodate your wedding – it’s a waste of time to look at a space that holds 75 when you’ll have at least 150 guests and there’s no point falling in love with a $10,000 venue when your total budget is $15,000.


photo by Liz Cook Photography at West Manor Estate

Have a list of must-haves

Before going on tours, be sure to create a list of must-haves with your partner. Whether you need the space for a 10-piece band or you must have a bridal suite to get ready, it’s important to have these on the top of your head so you know what to look out for as you shop for the right venue.


photo by Melissa Batman Photography at Edloe Glades

Don’t go too big

We all know that selecting a venue that is too small for your guest list is a no-no, but not many realize that booking a space that is too large is also discouraged. If you plan to have a total of 100 guests, a venue that can fit 500 people will feel too empty and open. You’ll want a venue that hits the sweet spot right around your estimated guest count for it to feel just right.


photo by Kelsey & Nate at the Old Bottling Company

Consider what is included

While the cost is certainly important, you’ll want to weigh it against what is included in the package. It may seem like the cheaper venue option is a better choice for your budget, but take a look at what else is included. If the more affordable space comes only with the bare minimum but a more expensive property includes rentals and lighting design, you may find that choosing the pricier venue will be more cost-effective in the long run.

Alina Thomas as seen on Hill City Bride

photo by Alina Thomas Photography at Sorella Farms

With all of these considerations in mind, don’t forget the most important question to ask: Can you picture getting married there? Trust your gut and choose the venue that speaks to you and your partner – you won’t regret it! PS. Check out our list of preferred venues here.

  • Megan Pettus - Such great advice for brides! As a former bride & current videographer, I realize more than ever that the venue is one of the most important decisions you can make! It definitely sets the tone of the day and if you choose the right venue, your overall budget shouldn’t hurt too much, as there won’t be any need to add extras to make it beautiful. 🙂

  • Jennifer - Thank you so much, Megan! I appreciate your input, and yes the venue definitely does determine the overall feel. Great point!

Gold is so lovely for a wedding! It can act as a neutral along with adding a bit of shine and flair to your event. Whether you choose to go all out and have a bunch of this hue or if you incorporate it in pops here and there, here is some gold wedding inspiration for you to enjoy!

Gold Wedding Inspiration as seen on Hill City Bride

  1. Elements of gold make a sweetheart table extra special for the newly married bride and groom. From embossed cups to mismatched china rimmed in gold, gold chiavari chairs and a patterned gold cloth, this table for two is fit for the couple in love! Photo: Megan Vaughan Photography
  2. When it comes to shoes and fun, Betsey Johnson definitely delivers style and whimsy as you can tell with these gold wedding heels. The ribboned ankles ensure that these stunners will stay put all day long. Photo: Jessica Gold Photography
  3. This cake is the perfect gold wedding inspiration! Two softly iced layers – both round and square – are decked with foliage and placed onto a gold tray, which adds just the perfect amount of panache to your wedding cake. Lovely! Photo: Amy Ellis Photography
  4. For a high impact centerpiece, begin collecting candleholders in gold. Whether they are brass, painted wood or glass flecked with gold, creating a low, long focal point on your table has such a gorgeous effect. Styling: Tracie Domino Events
  5. For the more daring bride who wants to opt for something subtle without going white, a gold wedding gown may be just the ticket! This wedding dress sparkles and shines and has just the right amount of gold. Perfect! Dress: Noel Chu Atelier; Photo: Lauren Michelle

Gold may seem intimidating to incorporate, but as you can see, it’s a fairly natural fit. You probably have bits and pieces of it already woven throughout your day here and there. Even if it is just a pair of shoes, be sure to sparkle on your big day!

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