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I’m a firm believer in the having engagement photos taken. They give the photographer the opportunity to get to know a couple before their big day, and…hello, adorable photos! I love the fresh, clean style of this Manassas engagement session that I am featuring today. So lovely!

Manassas Engagement Session | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog


  • Corina - I totally agree with you on the importance of the engagement photos, both as a memory for the couple and as a wrap up for the big day. Love the photos!

  • Melissa Bradbury - The pictures are absolutely stunning and they look so content and happy. It is also a nice touch to hear from the couple themselves.

  • Jackie - These photos are amazing. I love the little details taken ie with the rings, and it’s a stunning location.

    Jackie (Organised Mum Life)

  • Angelle - Engagement and pre-bridal photos afford a relaxing relationship between the bride and groom and photographer before the big day. In this way, they can see one another’s working styles and see what they are eye to eye on or how they differ. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know one another and smooth away any photo needs or concerns before the wedding.

  • Brandy - Those are some beautiful engagement photos, I love them so much. They are high quality and great moments captured.

  • Agnes Dela Cruz - I am a hobbyist photographer and I used to shoot pre-nuptial photos. Aside from still images, engagement shoots are one of my love photoshoots to do. I love seeing all the photos here.

  • Rhian westbury - These photos are absolutely stunning and I totally agree about getting to know the photofrapher. I’d definitely want to get engagement photos x

  • kartika nair - They look adorable together. Such a happy couple. God bless them and their lives ahead.

  • Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women - What a lovely looking couple and such professional photography. Love the different poses and the emphasis on the ring as a symbol of engagement. The setting really set things off also. Such a beautiful way to commemorate an engagement.

  • Melanie williams - Aw I am loving these pictures. The photographer captured their moment really well. These would make perfect canvas prints for the home x

  • Flyingkids - Such a beautiful engagement session. The photos are adorable. The photographer really captured the moment!

  • Fashion and Style Police - Beautiful engagement photos here. I love the blue dress. It is such a beauty. I remember having engagement photos taken. It was a fun experience.

  • Nidhi Fouzdar - Beautiful photos. I love the engagement ring <3 Beautiful memories captured for lifelong 🙂 Happy journey ahead!

  • Elle - Her royal blue dress was beautiful. I loved the simplicity of the engagement photos and the natural picturesque background.

  • blair villanueva - Ah this looks so romantic! Blue dress is always a good idea 😀 Congratulations to this couple.

  • chichi - these photos are just gorgeous!! you are right engagement photos are more casual and gives give opportunity to the photographer to understand the couple their vibe and liking!!

  • Dalene Ekirapa - This is so sweet!The photos are as amazing and I also believe that engagement pictures should be taken; I also love the background environment.

We are so lucky to be in Virginia, aren’t we? I adore the fact that there are so many parks, rivers, and hillsides for saying, “I do.” And today’s mountainside wedding showcases just that. With natural hues reminiscent of the sky, grass, and sand, this event exudes a soft palette that is woven throughout the day.

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Virginia Mountainside Wedding | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog


  • Monidipa Dutta - I just love all your featured wedding photos. The photographers click them so good! It always passes along a pleasant vibe. It is lovely.

  • Sreekar - Hey, great pictures as we have come to expect from you. Loved how you highlighted the blue and beige against the green background. Stunning camera work. Keep us posted with more! Especially loved the last one with the leaning trees. Amazing!

  • Doolittle Days - Stunning photos, really beautiful and what a location! Gorgeous looking wedding, especially that final photo in the woods.

  • Fashion and Style Police - What a lovely wedding. I love the gorgeous wedding dress and the veil. Beautiful couple here.

  • Lauren Scrapbook Blog - This wedding is perfect! I adore the bride’s dress and the bridesmaids outfits too. You’ve captured every moment so perfectly!

  • Angelle - You captured such a romantic and beautiful hillside wedding. I love all of the rustic and earthy elements you were able to achieve and incorporate in this collection.

  • Monidipa Dutta - The pictures are very pretty and lovely. The bride is pretty too. Your captures are great.

  • Melanie williams - I love a good wedding!! This looks like a super stunning and beautiful location for sure x

  • ukwadia matthew - Gorgeous pictures. I love the atmosphere so clean and beautiful. The wedding gown looks so stunning with nice stones!

  • Everything On A Plate - this may sound crazy but Every time we go through one of your posts & pictures we want to get married again!

  • Clarice - Wow! This is such a beautiful wedding. This just made me want to get married again (haha!) Just shared your site with my sister who’s getting married next year. Thank you for all these wonderful wedding ideas.

  • Amanda maguire - Love how rustic this all looks and the dog of honour is adorable. These photos are great. It all looks amazing

  • Karla - These amazing wedding pictures makes me wanna get married right now. LOL. I can’t wait to apply those tips in my own wedding.

  • Hailey - That is an absolutely beautiful location for a wedding!! I also really love the subtle color of the bridesmaids dresses, very modern and chic.

  • Jackie - These photos are absolutely amazing. My favourite has to be the fist bump though, it’s all about the look in their faces of yep, we did it!

    Jackie – Organised Mum Life

  • Blair villanueva - I like the weddings in the countryside with the lush greenery as the background. The bride’s dainty tiara also looks so very lovely!

  • Kate - Very beautiful pictures, I’m into the photography at the moment so this really gives me some ideas!

  • Love You Wedding - What a beautiful venue for a wedding! The bride and groom and their entourage are so beautiful to look at. Love the reception too. Lots of natural light and cozy atmosphere!

  • Rose Sahetapy - The photos seem like out of a fairy tale. Simply beautiful, simply elegant. The location, of course, is special, especially with the presence of the bear.

  • Mommy Sigrid - I love her wedding dress! It’s so simple, classy and elegant. The back drop for their wedding photos is so rustic. Love them all! 😀

  • EINz - Dog of honor?! That’s so much fun… and I love all the pretty details of this mountainside wedding. Kudos to the newlywed and the event planner, lovely!

Guess what? National S’mores Day comes once a year, but you can definitely enjoy this tasty treat all year ’round. Normally, our family makes them with milk chocolate, but I decided to do something different this year and combine a few of my favorite flavors. I enjoy lavender lemonade, and white chocolate has always been a favorite, so I came up with these lavender lemon s’mores for a fun treat!

I partnered with Lindt to do an Instagram post for National S’mores Day, and I loved the recipe so much that I decided to blog it! No compensation was provided for this blog post. 

Lavender Lemon S


  • Laura Dove - Oh wow this sounds like such a sophisticated s’more flavour! We don’t actually have s’mores over here but I am assuming they are just marshmallow?

  • EG III - That recipe looks devine! It never dawned on me to stray from the traditional s’more…but new revelation opens up a world of endless possibilities. Thank you for sharing!

  • Jennifer - They are usually graham crackers, milk chocolate, and toasted marshmallow, but anything can be flipped out for it to be a creative s’more. You should try the classic recipe sometime! 🙂

  • Jackie - Wow that looks delicious! I’ve never had proper smores, in Australia we don’t have graham crackers. So i’ve made an alternative but I don’t know what the usual tastes like haha

    I might try this one though, it’s different but very appealing.

    Jackie – Organised Mum Life

  • Vaibhav Mehta - Jennifer I don’t know the C of cooking but looking at those delightful pictures I do know the E of eating. Damn those are some foodporn pictures or what. You are the Nigella Lawson (my crush) of the blogging world for me!

  • Amanda maguire - I’m really loving lemon curd at the moment. These sound absolutely Devine!!!!

  • Monidipa - What I love the most, Chocolate… So yeah, I am definitely going to try this once soon, this S’more look so delicious, I am already drooling. Loved the post. Great recipe.

  • Monidipa - What I love most, chocolate… What am I gonna try this weekend, definitely this S’more. I loved it, it’s so easy to make. All the pics are so amazing, I am already drooling.. Amazing post.

  • Kate - Oh wow that sounds like a crazy but incredibly interesting food combinations that will probably blow your senses away! Thanks for sharing!

    Kate, http://elysianmoment.com

  • Rhian Westbury - I would never have thought to put lavender into something like this. I bet once it’s melted the scent comes out quite strongly x

  • Mommy Sigrid - This is a pretty exciting twist to Smores! I would love to try this. I don’t think I can find the ingredients here though. Tsk tsk. Looks so good!

  • Fashion and Style Police - I love the sound of this recipe. It is making me very hungry. Love anything with lemon in it.

  • Renata Green - It’s amazing that something so ‘rustic’ as smores can look this elegant and delicious – and a bit posh.

  • jefferson - I don’t know if national smores day exists, but you just told me with your post 🙂 your presentation of food is very great and lovely!

  • Blair villanueva - Your smores recipe looks yummylicious and hey I didn’t know it got a special day! Cheers for the smores ancestors!

  • Sreekar - I do love t when great ingredients combine in a simple yet rustic dish! Most of all I think a newbie like me can manage this in the kitchen:) Please cook more at your whim, it sure seems to be working:)

  • Asher Kabeer - I’ve read about Lemon Lavender for the first time but that rectangularly shaped biscuits sound pretty tasty.

  • Jana - Oh wow! That sounds amazing! Not only that, but it also looks delicious! I am going to have to try this recipe out!

  • Ami Rose - Oh my these look and sound incredible. I need to get my baking apron back on and experiment in the kitchen again!

    Ami xxx

  • kim - What a fabulous idea! Loving this twist on the old fashioned s’mores and I can’t wait to try it!

  • Nina - This is such a cool idea! I would never think to make smores as a snack for a wedding! However your take on it is absolutely perfect for this sort of thing!

Do you love to travel? I do! Roaming the globe is so fun – especially if you are traveling with your sweetie. Why not give your luggage an edge when it comes off of the conveyor at the airport, and create bright, easy-to-recognize, simple DIY luggage tags to set yours apart?

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Simple DIY Luggage Tags in Leather for Honeymoon Travel | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog


  • Aditya - Well, that is one way to be cost effective. I might tell my mother to do this. She loves stuff like that. In fact, I shared this link with her. But my main question, would airport authorities won’t have a problem, right?

  • Jennifer - I’ve been using mine for several flights now! 🙂

  • Brandy - These are easy enough to make DIY luggage tags. I don’t travel much but the next time I do, I am going to use your tutorial to make my own travel tags.

  • The Perfectly Imperfect Mummy - What a fantastic idea & they look amazing!!. I love craft projects. Makes it so much easier to locate your luggage when it’s coming off the conveyor belt!! 🙂

  • Mommy Sigrid - I love the idea of these DIY luggage tags. At least they are bendable because of the material. Sometimes I am scared of those nice cards that they might break or those cute ones because people at the airport remove them. I had one Disney luggage tag that was taken at the airport. It was gone forever. 🙁

  • kylie cre8tone - Such a lovely luggage tag.. it makes it extra special… to be DIY version of luggage tag.. must be extra unique…

  • Monidipa Dutta - Well, that is one way to be cost effective. I’m off to Italy next week so I am going to use your tutorial to make my own travel tags. I love this idea.

  • Chloe - These tags are not only a good idea but look great too! I especially love the style you’re going for in method 2.

  • Girl Bosses Rock - These are so crafty and cute! I would prefer these over the ones bought at the store because they would stand out much better. The ones from the store all look the same (just like the luggage) and it is often hard to tell which one is yours. I made my own tags for our luggage and made sure it stands out in the sea of luggage on the carousel!

  • Jennifer - Italy? I’m so envious! Have a great time. 🙂

  • Jackie - Oooh I love the stamped look, very classy. I need to get some stamps! What a great way to make your luggage stand out to you on the carousel as well.

    Jackie – Organised Mum Life

  • Nina - I travel so much that I really should make some luggage tags! It seems like a fantastic idea! I love how you lay this out step-by-step.

  • Sreekar - That’s very creative and at the same time functional too! My son made some tags the other day with cardboard. I have more ideas to share with him now!

  • Clarice / Camping for Women - This is cool. I showed it to my girls and they are excited to make one for their school bags. Will try to grab the materials soon so we can do this next weekend.

  • jefferson - Wow, that’s cool DIY. I’ve never thought to make luggage tags, that’s truly cool…and it looks like you’re passionate enough on DIY, 🙂

  • Jade - I love to travel – all the time that I should really make myself a name tag! These are so creative and I love the leather idea! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Elizabeth O - This is such a great idea. I really like how creative and unique these are!

  • Farya - Such a cute diy, I travel a lot so I am definitely going to sit down one evening and create this for my friends and my self, I have to look for stamos though

  • Jennifer L - Oh wow how beautiful are these luggage tags. I dont know if id have a steady hand, but would love to make these for my friend who travels a ton. She’ll love it.

  • Backpacking Series - Just love these ideas! These are great as tags for any bag and so creative. Colours are so warm as well! Thanks for this DIY tip! I think they would make nice personalised gift ideas too!

  • David Elliott - This is such a fun way to do it if I were going out on a trip soon. I don’t always think of doing something like this. And I have always had luggage with the tags on it.

  • Fashion and Style Police - I love the sound of these luggage tags. Luggage tags are so important. I mistakenly took a box that wasn’t mine at the airport. Having a clear luggage tag would have saved the day.

  • Nidhi Fouzdar - This sounds like an awesome idea to avoid chaos at airport. And these luggage tags sounds so cool

  • Cassandra Rose - I run a DIY lifestyle club at my school and know for a fact that my kids would love this project! I love how creative these tags can get. Will definitely try it this year and tell you how it goes!

  • Autumn Murray - What a lovely idea. I used to be a wedding planner and have never seen anything like this.

  • Michele Dennis - I love these simple DIY luggage tags! I love anything that lets me be creative and I love how although these are simple could have endless creative potential. I also think these would make great gifts for the travelers in your life.

  • London Mumma - Oh my, enjoy Italy lovely. I love these creative little tags, very personal and cute.

  • Karla - These are so cute! It’s a perfect gift for my family members and office mates. Now, I need to buy those materials! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tonya Tardiff - This is the COOLEST idea! Going on my honeymoon next month and will have to do this!

  • Becca Talbot - I love these – they’re such cute ideas! Now I just have to find someone I can marry, so I can have a wedding and then a honeymoon haha! x

When it comes to Minted, we all think about invitations, stationery, and possibly monogrammed cocktail napkins. And – of course – all of those thoughts are spot on! But, if you do a little bit of perusing around their website, you will find that they offer SO much more. They have many wedding decor items that are perfect for your big day AND your new home. Take a peek at 6 of our finds!

This post contains affiliate links and is in partnership with Minted to expose you to their beautiful art. This is a sponsored (paid) post, and I will also earn a commission if you make a purchase through an affiliate link contained within.

Unexpected Wedding Decor Items from Minted | Hill City Bride Wedding Blog


  • Rhian westbury - Some really pretty bits, I absolutely love the cake stand. Some perfect wedding style gifts x

  • Jackie - Oh I love these! And they’re neutral enough to fit most decors and either be resold after or to add to your home. I LOVE the cake stands though, super elegant.

    Jackie – Organised Mum Life

  • Misty - Some great wedding items and prices. Love the cake stands. Great job on this post!

  • Sreekar - Great innovative ideas behind these items. I just wish I had come across this post a year earlier:) Keep em coming!

  • Nidhi Fouzdar - Succulents look like a good idea for decor. And Minted has fabulous choices for wedding decor. So pretty!

  • Dalene Ekirapa - I just love the thought of weddings especially when it comes to preparing the whole place. These products are as awesome and the Glass Deco Bottles looks so perfect for the reception table!

  • Autumn Murray - Such cool ideas! I am a former wedding director and have seen a lot of decor. I love all of your ideas.

  • Angelle - Minted seems like they offer so many beautiful gifts for your special days. I love how they have it broken up into sections such as reception table, dessert table, and display table.

  • Fashion and Style Police - Great wedding decor ideas here. I never thought of using any of these at my wedding. Great items.

  • Mommy Sigrid - There are gorgeous! I love the half colored bottles with the flowers on the side. 😀

  • Mary Burris - I’d be afraid of the glass boxes breaking, but on the other hand – I can definitely see one or both of the cake stands in my home. Who doesn’t love cake? Or other goodies, for that matter… I also like the colored deco bottles. Just the right pop of color a home needs.

  • Backpacking Series - Such pretty things. Especially loved the Glass Deco Bottles. The colors are soothing and they look really nice. Also liked the idea for well wishes box. Very well thought through recommendations.

  • kimberly c - OMG I am in love with those decorative bottles. They are stunning and can have so many different uses. Going to find some similar ones for a project I’m working on. Thanks for the inspo.

  • Jessica T - I love how simple but elegant all of these pieces are. I think they would be a beautiful addition to any wedding decor.

  • aisasami - What wonderful yet beautiful ideas! I have to share it with a friend who just got engaged.

  • Kemi - I would buy some of these things for my apartment lol. I love the dessert thingy with the macaroons. Gives a posh vibe if you have guests over.

  • ROsey - There really are so many great things! I’m all about dessert so that’s the section I want to go peruse.

  • Elle - The gold accents and vintage colors were very elegant. I like these for home decor as well. The accent pieces are very versatile and will go with a variety of room designs.

  • The Panicked Foodie - Dessert tables yes!!!! There was this one wedding I went to in NJ that had the Apothecary jars that you described, and they were full of so much candy. While the wedding was beautiful, this was absolutely one of my favorite things about that wedding.

  • HilLesha - I love Minted! I’ll have to check out some of these decor items, because they’d make great photo props as well.

When it comes to your wedding party, the bride and groom choose those who are meaningful in their lives…family, friends, confidants. They stand by your side on your big day, so why not show them how important they are in a big way? Admittedly, the girls are easier to buy for (see here!), but when it comes to the guys, making the right choice can be difficult! Well, that’s why we partnered with Groovy Groomsmen Gifts to showcase some amazing gift ideas for your entourage! With a wide selection and lots of personalization here are 8 picks for our favorite groomsmen gift ideas.

Groomsmen Gifts Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog


  • Karla - The Bourbon Barrel Billfold looks very unique! I didn’t know there’s a site specifically for Groomsmen. What a cool idea! Do they ship internationally?

  • Monidipa Dutta - And once again I am back on your blog today.
    Anyways coming back to the point, a wedding is coming soon in my family so this shall help my cousin’s family. Thanks as always.

  • Iya - louisa - Aaaww I love all of these ideas especially the bottle openers! I think its such a lovely touch.

  • kylie cre8tone - so many nice items. great gift ideas. truly a match for handsome groomsmen.

  • Jennifer - They do ship outside the US! 🙂 Their info can be found here – https://www.groovygroomsmengifts.com/pages/shipping-outside-of-the-united-states

  • melissa cushing - Thank you for all of the fabulous gift ideas for Groomsmen! My sister is getting married and I will pass these ideas on to her and her soon to be hubby!

  • Foteini Karagianni - Well in Greece it’s different, most of the expences on weddings (rings, crowns ect- on a Christian Orthodox Wedding) it’s all paid by the best man or maid of honor. Also you gave me great idea of what I should get my father for his birthday, he needs this Smallet for sure!

  • Blair villanueva - Thanks for these ideas, one of these are perfect for my boyfriend. A necktie is also useful gift for him.

  • Rosey - The mug on a mug is my favorite. That’d be a fun gift any time but especially for the fellas at a wedding.

  • Backpacking Series - Those are some amazing ideas. Especially liked Mug on a Mug. Very unique and unlike many other personalised mugs we have seen so far! Since we travel most of the times, personalised mugs are the most useful things we have found to order online and send to loved ones. And they have been pleased. These ones are so special.

  • Rhian westbury - The leather travel kit looks like a really cool idea. I think that something personalised item is a great idea for groomsmen x

  • Nayna Kanabar - These gents gifting ideas are so nice and I love all the recommendations.

  • Tonya Tardiff - These are all such great ideas! I’m getting married next month and will show this to my fiancé!

  • Jennifer - Aw! Tonya, HUGE congrats to you. I hope your wedding goes so well. So fun!! <3

  • Nidhi Fouzdar - I like the idea of mug on mug. It’s so unique and personalised gift. I would love to have it for myself 😉

  • Elizabeth O - There are so many great ideas here for groomsmen gifts! I really like the wallet and the pocket knife!

When it comes to weddings, sometimes simple is best. Many couples today are choosing to elope and are doing so in style. From details like signature drinks and up-to-date fashions to delectable cakes and flowing florals, our styled elopement shoot graces Hill City Bride in a palette full of purple hues.

Styled Elopement with Boho Vibes | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog


  • Linda Hall - loved all the elements of this shoot – the colors were stunning and the bride and groom were a gorgeous couple. Loved doing the cake!

  • Preet - OMG, This was the prettiest wedding theme I’ve ever seen. I ahve to share this with my sister. She is getting married next year.

  • Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams - Those colors and details are so beautiful!

  • Clarice Lao / Camping for Women - This is beautiful. I have always dreamed of a boho-themed party and yours is just wonderful. I love how detailed the preparations are. Such a pretty wedding.

  • Jade Braham - This is such a beautiful idea for an elopement! I love the rustic yet elegant country feel to it – so peaceful and romantic! Also the wedding cake looks stunning with the flowers all around it! Great photography too. 🙂

  • Jennifer - Thank you! The team did such a great job!! 🙂

  • Jackie - Aww, that looks like such a great day! I also prefer smaller weddings/receptions than larger ones. And that cake looks amazing!

  • Janine Ella - Wow the setup is really beautiful! I have always admired boho-themed weddings and this is just amazing! The details are really well thought of. Congratulations to you and your team!!!

  • Backpacking Series - This theme is so fascinating! What an experience for the couple and the guests! Everything is just perfect – location, dresses, cake, ring…Thanks for having us virtually be a part of this excitement.

  • leigh anne borders - I love the Boho style! It is such a pretty style with flowing lines and color that explodes. I want to get so many Boho things that I need another job. 🙂

  • Mary - I love everything about this! Obsessed with the lettering on the elopement announcements. So pretty!

  • Zehra - Boho has always been my secret pleasure. I really really love how much detail you put in all the decorations and styling. Much more interesting than your usual classic wedding theme.

  • Jessica T - This may be the prettiest idea for a wedding I’ve ever seen! Pops of colour and just beautiful and simple. Just perfect!

  • Jennifer - Yes! If you read the comments, people LOVED the cake. It added such a fun element. Thank you for creating another lovely piece!! <3

  • Paisley and Jade - Such a unique and stylish shoot! We loved being part of this elopement design! Bravo to all of the awesome vendors that brought this vision to life and thanks HCB for featuring!

  • Marzena - Love everything about these pictures! Very unique share! Very lovely, how wonderful is that post?

  • Mommy Sigrid - Whoa! First time I have heard of an elopement. But the styling is on point. The lady is lovely. That’s a really beautiful dress. I like that country chic vibe 😀

  • Lena Juice - I really like the details of this wedding and Shana’s gown looks so beautiful. love the vintage vibes of the dress so much!

You get engaged, and you definitely want to show off your beautiful ring. I mean, everyone is asking to see it, right? But there are times – swimming, showering, cleaning – that you may not want to wear your new bling, so why not give it a place worthy of resting? Here are 5 handmade ring holders that your ring will want to call home (besides your finger!).

This post contains affiliate links to Etsy and purchases through those links help our blog to grow. Thank you! 

Ring Holders for Your Engagement Ring | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog


  • Daisy - Awwthese are all totally adorable and cute ring holder ideas! They are all so very unique!

  • Tara - Those are beautiful ring holders. Mine never comes off my hand, no matter what I am doing, but if I did take my ring off, one of these would be a perfect holder.

  • Kylie - They all look so gorgeous! I love it especially the rose quartz ring holder!

  • Monidipa Dutta - I used to buy ring holders but I didn’t know how to make one. This one is great. I will try it at home.

  • Elizabeth O - I love the geometric ones they are gorgeous. This is such a great idea to make one yourself too! Saves some money.

  • Dalene Ekirapa - These ring holders look so pretty and I’m really loving the custom ring dish. With that, I can be sure of my ring not getting lost when I pull it off my finger.

  • Akamatra - These are amazing and it’s hard to choose which one I like best. Probably the concrete ones.

  • kartika nair - Wow ! These looks so pretty I think the holder looks prettier then the rings I have ..haha

  • fashionandstylepolice - I have never had a ring holder before but I have been dying to get a couple for my rings. These look so stylish.

  • Nora - These are absolutely beautiful and fun! And those are not just holding your rings, they’re also part of decoration. What a nice idea. 🙂

  • Azlin Bloor - Oh wow, I just love these. I have so many rings, and despite having individual boxes for them, still manage to lose them!

  • Simple Indian Mom - This is so useful. I always buy so many rings, and end up losing them. Surely a good thing for me.

  • Mommy Sigrid - Wow, I feel like I live under a rock. I never encountered such cute ring holders! I just put mine in a little box in the bathroom so that I can reach out for them easily. 😀 But these are really nice!!!!

  • Kasia - Oh these are definitely a great idea. I would be so paranoid about possibly loosing my ring. I love the custom ring dish and that geometric ring holder. That one is so fancy.

  • Tahnee - The quartz for me! Just so pretty and I do like the rose gold pyramid but that quartz!!! I know what I want ready for my big day!!! Thanks for such a fab idea!!

  • David Elliott - I don’t know whether my daughter could use one just yet, although they all look very beautiful. I think my girlfriend could definitely use one of these though. It’s such a great etsy discovery.

  • Jonia - Omg, all of these are fabulous! I can’t decide which one is my favorite.

  • London Mumma - How pretty are all these ring holders. My favourite are the crystal ones, any would make for a great gift.

  • Jackie Mellor - Oh my goodness these are super cute! I love the variety of colours, easy to find one that fits your decor.

    Jackie – Organised Mum Life

  • The Perfectly Imperfect Mummy - I loved this article!! I have been married for 10 years & never wear my rings at home & only wear them when I remember when I’m going out & take them off & forget where I put them. My husband gets really annoyed at me. Love the Rose Quartz holder the best 🙂

There is something about an engagement session with flowers. And when you put a couple into Norfolk Botanical Garden, you just know it is bound to be beautiful!

Norfolk Botanical Garden Engagement Session | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding BlogREAD MORE >

  • Nicole - This is such a sweet story! The beautiful photos that you captured of this adorable couple with be treasured by them forever.

  • Nancie - Lovely location for a photoshoot. Her bouquet is lovely, too.

  • Emma Riley - Wow, I do love everything about this engagement photo. The place, the dress and the soon to be bride and groom are so perfect and compliments each other.

  • Holly - These are beautiful photos. What a great place to do engagement photos!! Love these!!

  • Caitlin - I love their love story! It says so much to the strength of their future union that he supported her while she was ill.

  • Hey Sharonoox - Such beautiful photos! The floral bouquet is so pretty and I really like the location of this photo session.

  • Trina Dinnar - This couple has such a sweet love story and the engagement session photos are beautiful!!!

  • Sara Welch - I have a friend who got married near there. It really is an amazing and peaceful spot!

  • Tiffany - Woah, this is gorgeous! Her ring and that bouquet are stunning!! What an awesome collection, so pretty!!

  • Emily Leary - What beautiful shots. I love the first one of the ring in the yellow rose. Congratulations to the happy couple.

  • Karla - What a lovely couple! Congratulations to the both of you! The photos are all beautiful! <3

  • Elizabeth O - What a gorgeous location for engagement photos. Congratulations to the happy couple!

  • Rachel - Wow! Amazing ring – I would love one like that! Beautiful pictures and colours – stunning!

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I love clean spaces and organization…although I will also admit that my schedule doesn’t always allow me to be the best at either. Boo! That’s why I love anything that makes life a bit easier. Take a peek at these helpful – and creative – ways to organize with a cleaning caddy. Hint: they don’t involve cleaning! 

5 Cleaning Caddy Uses | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog


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