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In & Out – A Post I Do DARE to Post – Part One

I am going to level with you … be straightforward as it were. About six months ago, I had somewhat of an “I’m fed up with this” outburst on the Hill City Bride facebook page. At the time, I had encountered several passé “trends” that people were still including in aspects of their weddings, and I had just had enough! Well, I posted the following status …

I am seriously thinking about doing an “in” and “out” posting … like what trends are in and which ones are out. I have some that I can NOT stand!! Any ideas on what should go into this posting? Feel free to sound off … I know I will when I write it.

As suspected both brides, former brides and wedding vendors stood their ground and posted what they were tired of seeing, and (in my humble opinion) things that should never be. So, welcome to my “In and Out”. Truly, this is not meant to offend as these are just opinions, but if you take the advice of professionals and those that are in the know, I would heavily consider listening to the experts (names withheld to protect the not so innocent).

Here is the first of my two postings …

Strapless Dresses or a Too Revealing Dress

Ok, seriously. I think strapless dresses are beautiful but so are one shouldered and cap sleeved. I feel like each and every bride in each and every photo is wearing a strapless dress (ok, not 100%, but it is such a nauseatingly high percentage). In my opinion if everyone is doing it, it’s not really a fashionable trend anymore … why not dare to be different? Kudos to those of you who are bucking the masses and opting for something out of the norm.

Also, modesty is beautiful … not that you have to don a turtleneck to ankle to wrist dress (please don’t as that went out in the 80s!), but don’t show all your wares. Truly! As one vendor put it, “Dresses that are too tight or too low cut (are out), especially for a church ceremony! Save that for the wedding night. Classy can still be beautiful.” I think we just witnessed this when Kate married Prince William, don’t you think?

Smashing Cake

This is one that I have never understood. You just proclaimed your love for each other in front of God, family and friends. Two people have dated and decided to spend the rest of their lives together, and they demonstrate their love by … squishing icing and cake into each others faces? What bride wants to have her makeup smeared, and what groom wants a nostril full of buttercream?

If you simply must be playful, don’t be vindictive. A sweet (no pun intented) way to have the same effect is to lovingly take a dab of icing and touch the end of your bride’s nose playfully or put a bit on your lips and kiss your new husband on the lips. Think of a creative way to have fun instead of being mean. Enough said.

Candle Contraptions

I had not really thought about this but one responder said, “… candle contraptions that take forever to light …”. How true is that! I have been to one to many weddings where it took an eternity to light the candles. It is not the best way to honor your groomsmen by having them set an entire legion of candles ablaze with a long stemmed bronze fire stick … seriously, has he even lit a candle in his bachelor pad before? Think about this before you opt for bonfires on the sides of your wedding set.

Photos with a “Pop” of Color

My, oh my. This is NOT a trend … at all. No matter how much you want to do this, please do not. Having a black and white photo with one thing in color (or any amount of things, normally it is a bouquet or some other focal point) is very passé. Please do not do this as this trend was out a long time ago. There are ways to focus on the beauty of an object without making it the only thing that is in color. Truthfully, this is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me!

Receiving Lines

Forming a line where each guest has to meet every bridal party member (do they really want to meet your best friend from elementary school?) takes time away from important things along with creating some awkward situations and overly quick introductions. While filtering guests through a line is out, saying hi to all of your guests is not … be polite and try to make your way around to talk to each guest and/or table individually. That way you can have as much time as you need (or don’t need) with each person, and the time is much more meaningful than if you are forced to spend seconds with people being funneled through on their way out of the ceremony.

Ok, that’s it for Part One … stay tuned for Part Two coming soon!

Images from top to bottom by: Wonderlane, reynolds.james.e, jeremiahandrews, canorus, and mbaylor all from Flickr. 




  • Linda Hall - Love Is In The Air - I totally agree on the cake in the face thing. I hate it. Sometimes it has almost led to a fight!

    One idea that I LOVE is that instead of throwing the bouquet and garter to the single people, attach the garter to the bouquet, along with a gift card for a nominal amount of money $25 or $50 and have all your guests try to catch it. Now that would make a great photo op!

  • Suzanne Jennoings - Ah Jennifer, some wonderful comments & suggestions.
    May I add some for your next installment? the first comes from a skincare/make up application point of view based on things I have seen in the past.
    Brides, if you are having a Bachlorette party that will include alcohol & late night partying, you should schedule it well in advance of your wedding day. NOT the night before. Alcohol and late nights leave your skin dehydrated, tired, dull and nearly impossible to make appear ‘fresh’ even with tons of products applied. The application of heavy makeup on a Bride is not particularly attractive. Especially as you meet and greet guests up close and personal at your reception.
    Next comment, I LOVE the idea of non-matchy-matchy bridesmaids dresses! Let’s face it, not every bodytype looks good in a mermaid dress, or a gown with big puffy sleeves (eeeek! memories of 1980′s weddings) I love the common color theme, but different styles of dresses. It allows each girl to express a personality, within the color palette & wedding style – without distracting the eyes away from the Bride. It is of note that the Attendants dresses should fit well, and not be TOO SHORT, or TOO REVEALING.

    Thanks Jennifer for this ‘In & Out’ information. The wedding day is a special & sacred day for the couple. It should be treated as such.

  • The Gilded Thimble - I agree with the straps comment! About once a month, we have a bride request that straps be made for her gown. Everytime we sew them on, we are astonished at how much more beautiful the gown and bride become.

    Straps also help cover or distract from the “biscuit squish” that comes out of the top of the dress right beside the underarms. That “squish” is so unattractive and is cured instantly by adding straps!

    -just a funny note: the “biscuit squish” is named after the biscuit dough that poufs out of a can of biscuits that have been slit open. That’s exactly how the underarm fat looks when it’s being squeezed out of a too tight strapless! Lol

    Head seamstress and owner of the gilded thimble

  • Allegra - I actually love receiving lines because I can get great shots of just about every guest. The important thing is to time it correctly. The best ones are done from the cocktail into the ballroom so people can be cruising around having drinks/snacks and head over to the line when its not too long.

  • Connie Amos-Parsons, At Your Service Events Planner - Excellent article Jennifer on “In and Outs” especially on the topics of Strapless/too revealing dresses and smashing cake. I still love the fun and mystic of throwing the bouquet to single women and garter to single men.

    One topic that I would love to see for Part Two is about receptions. The idea is that it’s still a party to honor the Bride and Groom.

  • Kim Jennings - Something that I have found to be kind of fun is when they are doing the bouquet toss, untie the bouquet. (Works great with roses) When the bride throws the bouquet all of the flowers seperate giving everyone some flowers. Great photo op! :)

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