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Everyday E-Session – Micah & Amelia

Amelia is another “HCB” bride, and you know how much I love those … it’s so fun to meet the girls that utilize and follow the blog. Amelia attended Bliss, a fine wedding fair this past February, and she really is a doll! I ADORE the vintage vibe of their e-session, and they were also able to incorporate their favorite things (flying and the violin) into their engagement session, which was photographed by Jane Morice of Jane Bradley Photography.

Here is what Amelia had to say (and don’t you love that her name is “Amelia”?) about the background of her session with Micah:

Micah has had his pilot’s license since even his driver’s license, and at times I think he is more at home in the air than anywhere else.  His passion and pursuit of aviations runs deep for him, and he knew what he wanted to be “when he grew up” since the time he was eight years old. He graduated from Liberty as pilot of the year last May and has been a flight instructor training others how to fly for the past couple of years now. 

Special thanks goes to Patrick Costa for the use of his WWII uniform and to Amy Costa for styling assistance. Credit also goes to General David Young for the use of his WWII Stearman Biplane as the most amazing prop and backdrop ever! Thank you all.

Now where do I come into all of this? Ever since I can remember, I have had a fascination with planes and aviation, and especially for small aircraft. I was not sure how, but I knew that someday I would get the chance to fly in them. With that in mind, growing up I always had it in the back of my mind that there was an opportunity out there for me, I just had yet to find it.

Fast-forward to the end of my first year of college … after being with Micah in the same class for a whole summer, yet having never had the opportunity to talk or get to know him, I was surprised when he introduced himself to me when the school year was almost over. It was the beginning of the summer of 2008 and when he informed me that he would be staying in Virginia to continue his flight training I jumped on the chance to ask if he would ever want someone to go flying with him. Surprisingly, he said yes. Almost a complete stranger to me at the time, I went flying with him not a week later. A few flights later I warned myself that it would be easy to fall for this man and challenged myself not to go for him just because he was a pilot. A few months and now years later, I have found countless more reasons to fall in love with him.

As far as my music goes, I took piano lessons as a child until I was a young teenager, but what I had always wanted to play was violin. So at 12 years old my parents said they would pay for lessons if I saved up enough to pay for the violin. I did, and over the past ten years I have continued to pursue it through private lessons, and group and orchestra ensemble playing. I currently instruct private students and teach as adjunct faculty at New Covenant school teaching beginning violin and assisting with the school string orchestra.

Thank you again, Jane, for this creative e-session, and to Amelia and Micah … I wish you the best in your future together! Don’t forget to enter our 300th posting giveaway … click HERE for more information.

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