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Spotlight on Flowers

Question #1
What are your favorite kinds of flowers and plants to work with? Do you have any non-traditional favorites to make centerpieces really pop?

Just like a kid in a candy shop, choosing a favorite flower from among the vast variety available isn’t easy — each flower and plant possesses its own unique and tantalizing “flavor,” spirit, and style. That being said, allow us to share a few of the flowers we enjoy working with the most.

With its simple, timeless beauty, there is nothing quite like the splendor of a rose. Like the staple “little black dress,” you just can’t go wrong with the rose. Available in nearly every shade and size imaginable, the lovely garden rose is a hardy, versatile flower. It works wonderfully in most any arrangement or bouquet, pairs lovely with other flowers, and floats beautifully in water. Each rose color carries its own unique fragrance, giving off a sweet perfume to enjoy wherever it is displayed.

Another favorite is the peony. Fragrant and delicate, its bloom is charming all on its own or adds a lush sweetness when combined with other flowers. The peony is available in a wide variety of lovely shades, including red, pink, coral, and white.

Often presumed as delicate and difficult to work with, the orchid is surprisingly strong and resilient, and can add an exotic splash of color to an arrangement. They come as a single stem or in small clusters on a longer stem.


Have fun enhancing your centerpiece with a striking and artistic vase or pot, and then “accessorize.” For a unique look and added texture, try wrapping banana or grass leaves around the base of a bouquet or arrangement, or create varied height by tucking foliage (eucalyptus or silver plume pampas grass work beautifully) or branches and berries into your arrangement. Using decorative feathers, crystals, gems, pins, or ribbons are another way to add a splash of color, texture, or glitz to give you that extra “pop.”


While most craft stores offer a variety of options for extra decorative pizazz, chances are you have a few things lying around the house just begging to be used. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules to creating a beautiful and eye-catching arrangement or centerpiece. Modern or classic, edgy or chic, arrangements are all about you and your style. Use your imagination and mix and match until you come up with something that you like.


Question #2
My question is in regards to wedding flowers.
The main color is clover green and I am trying to find a gorgeous purple and yellow mix of flowers to go with it. The latest flower I found was a purple water lily, but I have never seen that in a bouquet so I don’t know how practical it is. Would you happen to know any good resources for that as well?

You’ve chosen a beautiful color palate, and there are many wonderful flowers available to you, whether you wish to stay classic in styling, go bold, or enjoy something in between. Based on the season and formality of your event, here are a few options you may wish to consider:

Purple: The blue delphinium, iris, purple status, sweet pea, or butterfly bush can offer bold color, as well as height and texture, to your arrangement. The lilac, peony, hydrangeas and tulip are also lovely options, and come in varying shades of purple.

Yellow: Gerberas and sunflowers are striking and cheerful, while the yellow orchid lends a more exotic feel. If you’re looking for something a little more formal, the calla lily could be a wonderful choice.

Don’t forget about the rose. Available in multiple shades of purple and yellow, roses are always a good choice, and one that will work well when mixed with other flowers.


Most of these flowers should be available for purchase through your local greenhouse or an online vendor. If you are working with a wedding planner, they can assist you in selecting the perfect mix of flowers based on your theme, and may be able to purchase them for you through a community florist or garden center at a preferred rate.


  • Lemon - Gorgeous post! Thanks for this information-it’s much needed in my wedding world!

  • Buster Doney - Thanks RS Exclusive! Pretty much the only flowers that I buy are roses and lilies and this article makes me want to try out some variety for my special someone!

  • Chris - This article is full of great ideas! Like Buster, I am inspired to try something new.

  • american florists - Gorgeous post! Thanks for this information-it’s much needed in my wedding world!

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