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DIY – Sandwich Board Wayfinding Sign

Signage is absolutely adorable, and it seems as though all weddings have a bit of it here and there. It is a great way for guests to be able to know where to go and what is going on, and it also makes a fun keepsake for the bride and groom. This is an easy DIY project that can cost little to nothing if you have the right things on hand.

Here is a short list of what is needed: wood cut into the shape and size you prefer (can be plywood, but leftover siding was used for this project!), base coat or stainpaint in both a light and a dark color (leftover paint was used for this project), and some way to display the sign (make it freestanding, add screws and another sandwich board to the back, hang, lean against something .. this is up to you and the space you have available for your signage).

After your board is cut to your desired shape and size, stain the board in the color of your choosing. This board was already the perfect color so no staining was required. You can use chalk or a pencil to mark out the letters. One of the beauties of DIY projects is that it is handcrafted and perfection is not always required!

Here the words have been painted in, but they are not quite done yet!

An outline of darker paint around the lettering makes the words really pop, and the lines add some much needed dimension to the board … cute!

Voila … the finished product! It is so adorable. An arrow can be added to show direction, and this is such a great keepsake. As far as how to display the sign … that is again determined by where you would like to hang the sign. What a simple, fun project that can be completed in just a few hours.

Special thanks goes out to Emily Kim Bart. She had such a beautiful DIY wedding that I have gotten a bunch of ideas from. Thank you so much, Emily, for letting Hill City Bride in on your spectacular wedding DIY projects. Oh, and after all of that hard work doing a DIY, you may just want to head on over to SPA 4109 to pamper yourself … what a treat!

  • erin*sparkle&hay - such a great DIY!!

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