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DIY – Hair Pins

One fun aspect of Hill City Bride is having interns … especially when they are engaged! When Meagan and I talked in November about her being an intern, we were both really excited … THEN she got engaged over Christmas, so it is really exciting having her on board! Meagan is a sharp girl with a good head on her shoulders, and I am so fortunate to have her as a part of HCB for a while.

Meagan came up with this DIY posting on her own, and I think it is a great project for a bride to do for her bridesmaids or even with her bridesmaids. I may just try these cute little hairpins myself. Meagan, and thank you for this easy, wearable DIY!

Some of the most beautiful parts of a wedding are in the details — especially if they are handmade. You can make unique and beautiful hair accessories for guests and bridesmaids (or just for every day wear). Best of all, you can tailor the colors and materials to your own preferences. Here is how.

What you need:
glass beads, fishing line or transparent beading thread, scissors, bobby pins (any size), super glue

1. For the example below, I used glass beads and transparent beading thread. Cut at least two feet of thread to make sure you have enough room. Tie a double knot to attach the thread to the bobby pin.

2. String a long line of beads on the thread to go the length of the bobby pin. Wrap the thread around the bobby pin and between each bead all the way down the pin. If you are using bigger beads, like I did here, you can wrap the beads again.

3. When you are confident the beads are firmly secured to the bobby pin, tie a double knot over a bead and around the pin to finish.

4. Dab a bit of super glue on the knots on each end to keep them tight. Pin your creation into your locks, and be showered with compliments.

For your wedding day hair, I would encourage you to consider one of our fine vendors, such as Mitchell’s Salon on 7th, Bodyworks Day Spa and Salon or SPA 4109.

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