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Ok, folks – I haven’t been saying a lot about this because, even though this is my blog, it’s not all about me. But, I need to give you fair warning that there will be a LOT of photos coming up for one particular wedding and the events that surround it. Why? Well, because my very own daughter is getting married. So exciting! And, of course, with a wedding comes stationery and my daughter loved the selection at Minted. You’ll see her choice below along with a bit about our experience ordering Minted wedding invitations.

Hill City Bride is a Minted partner, and a purchase made through one of our links goes to help our blog and could quite possibly help pay for a wedding.

Minted Wedding Invitations | Hill City Bride Wedding Blog


  • Karen Monica - I just love the invitation. A perfect choice. Congratulations to your daughter. I am sure you are a very excited mother

  • Momsfy - These are some really adorable wedding invitations. Also, with so many customisation options available, we can get what we really want. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  • Kari @The He Said She Said Experience - They are lovely, really unique too. Congratulations!

  • Tonya Morris - Your invitations are just beautiful! I just got married last month and thought the invitations were such an important part of our wedding!

  • fashionandstylepolice - I like sites that are easy to navigate. The last thing I need is wasting time trying to figure out what I need to do when placing an order.

  • Razena - The invitations look fabulous and I can’t wait to see the wedding photos. Although I never had any fancy wedding invitations we did do them for my brother’s wedding. Unfortunately, he insisted that his wife’s cousin do the printing and it turned out nothing like we wanted ๐Ÿ™

  • Kate - Is her name really Prince?? How funny and great at the same time is that! And of course lovely cards.

  • Melissa Bradbury - I bet you are so excited about your daughter’s wedding. I would be the same. Those invitations are gorgeous too!

  • Jennifer - Ha yes! She’s my daughter, and our last name is Prince. It’s a fun name! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jennifer - Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. Sometimes family means well but it’s not the best option. So sorry! ๐Ÿ™

  • Monidipa Dutta - Your invitations are just beautiful! Next month I’m getting married and I feel how important invitations are.

  • Nina Nichols - Congratulations and best wishes on the wedding of your daughter! I am sure this will be a gorgeous wedding and the photos will be as amazing as the other pictures you took before!

  • Aiai Damigo - Congratulations and best wishes. The invitation really looks great. I like the details and the style!

  • Bushra - The invitation looks awesome… <3 Congratulations on the wedding of your daughter… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • blair villanueva - OMG these invitations are so glamorous like the wedding per se! It gives very good impressions to the guests and for keepsake especially documenting it online.

  • Azlin Bloor - I love these invitations, they are young cheerful and vibrant! had a quick look at Minted’s site, and you are right, the have such wonderful stuff and ideas! Have a fabulous time at your daughter’s wedding, I’m sure it will go swimmingly well!

  • Jennifer - Thank you! It’s an exciting time for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rosey - Everything you mentioned matters. The most important thing after quality though, is that the site is easy to navigate. If I’m on a site that frustrates me, I don’t care how high the quality is, I’m out. Good to know about Minted!

  • Ali Ash - You’ve really thought out of the box with these invitations. They are beautiful. How thoughtful for parents to offer such lovely invitations to their children who are getting married.

  • Chinedu - Minted wedding invitations sound great! I love how personal and cheerful it looks and the involvement of the workers in the design (in terms of recommendations).

  • Cristina - These are gorgeous invitations. They get everyone so excited for the big day!

I adore creative locations! And this brewery wedding styled shoot takes place at a place that has lovely light, brick walls, and outdoor fun. With so many adorable details, there are lots of ideas for your own event including…waffles!

Adorably Detailed Brewery Wedding Styled Shoot | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog


  • Nina Nichols - Glamorous pictures and lovely dress! You’re definitely right about the windows allowing so much natural light which added to the beauty of the brick wall.

  • Tonya Morris - All of these photos are absolutely stunning! The food looked amazing. I just got married a few weekends ago!

  • MELANIE EDJOURIAN - These are all beautiful and very creative pictures. I love the ring is pretty stunning isn’t it!

  • Monidipa Dutta - All the pictures are absolutely amazing. And wedding at brewery is a creative idea indeed. I love the ring. The photos are very cool, well planned and well clicked.

  • Christina | From Under a Palm Tree - Omg I love all of this so much! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a wedding being at a brewery! But that’s so awesome. I love all the attention to detail, everything was so cute!

  • Jaime - What a cool wedding location! These shots are so beautiful! Love how different and unique it is!!! XO, Jaime

  • Wendy - Wow. Such beautiful photos. The ring is perfect! and the theme is rather unique. Love it!

  • Elizabeth O - What absolutely beautiful photos. This is such a lovely location and really unique indeed.

  • melissa major - my goodness, these photos are so creative, I am amazed! Looks like a great location with lots of nice food

  • Karen Monica - Love all the photos. Looks so stunning and glamorous. I love the flowers and the cake!!

Planning to propose (or to be proposed to, ladies)? Picking out a ring can be a tough decision – after all, having a ring that is timeless, lovely, and of good quality is important. The brideย will wear it on her finger for a lifetime! When making that decision, choosing earth mined diamond engagement rings that are natural is definitely a smart way to go, which is why I partnered with Primestyle to show you how easy it can be!

Natural Earth Mined Diamond Engagement Rings | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog


  • Nina Nichols - I have the simple diamond ring for our engagement and it’s the best jewelry I have. Diamonds will always remain FOREVER.

  • Lexa Fish - Um, yes! I’ve got a very simple wedding band me and my husband exchanged that has each others names on it and nothing else. Definitely going to be dropping hints about some diamonds for the next anniversary!

  • Monidipa Dutta - These rings are really very pretty. I always go for simple ones. I know I may sound weird but I live to buy my own diamonds even if I get married ever I would like to buy my own diamond ring.

  • Ty - These diamond rings are so beautiful. I love the idea of natural and also humane. I’m interested to learn more.

  • Papajackph - Loving your jewelry style. I am a wedding planner and your work will give me ideas about how to advise my future clients.

  • Pooja Kumari - It’s said for a reason that diamonds are women’s best friend. All these designs are beautiful and evergreen.

  • Elizabeth O - There are some really stunning rings here and it is so awesome that they are earth minded too!

When it comes to weddings, blue is such a classic color. And I adore the Wedgewood tones in this Waynesboro wedding. With pink accents and a gorgeous farm setting, this event is definitely one for the books!

Waynesboro Wedding Blue | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog


  • PAD - Such a Romantic wedding, love the couple, both are looking great! Best wishes!

  • Karla - What a wonderful wedding. I love the pastel colors and the smiles on their faces! The bride really stood out!

  • Apolline - Lovely wedding setting, beautiful colors. It is too beautiful for words…did I forget the rings?

  • Monidipa Dutta - The bride looks mesmerizing and both of them look so much in love. Your clicks are as usual incredible.

  • Jessica Martin - I love and adore wedding pictures. I love the colors. We did a royal blue for our wedding. The pictures are just so beautiful of this wedding. Congratulations to the couple.

  • melissa cushing - This is such a stunning post and your photography is amazing. I loved this entire look and the beautiful pops of blue throughout. Very pretty and simplistic which is totally my style.

  • Prateek Goel - The couple is so adorable. The bride looks gorgeous, the bridegroom looks smart and off-course other members looks amazing. Hat’s off to wedding photographers.

  • Acha Mercy - The colors are without comparison. This bride is so lovely and her girls too. I wish I was there, lol.

  • Geraline Batarra - Such a very beautiful wedding, from the wedding dress up to their reception are all perfect and beautiful!

  • Jiya - The bride looks like a fairy. Her simple yet adorable looks like so much blessed. I am sure the preparation the theme decor takes a lot of effort – this reminds me of my wedding where the preparation started 3 months before. Indian weddings have so many rituals you see.

  • Laura Dove - WOW!! This is just stunning and your photographs are breathtakingly beautiful! I love the colours here and the theme, it makes me want to get married again!

  • cato - Looks like a great wedding. Nice photos! The photographer did great with the composition!

  • fashionandstylepolice - Lovely wedding photos. The dresses are simply beautiful. Everything looks so perfect. I am green with envy!

  • David Elliott - It is certainly a beautiful wedding there. I really do love the blues there. They are simple and elegant dresses and the men look great too.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc - I love looking at wedding photographs. It is true that a woman is at her most beautiful on her wedding day. This wedding set up is just perfection at its finest.

Ok, I’m going to be frank here. I live in an area that is a little bit…behind in the trends. Thankfully, Pinterest and blogs are available to everyone all over the world, so styles and information are more readily available…but that also means that people tire quickly of trends. What a conundrum! When it comes to your wedding tabletop ideas, I have a few suggestions of small changes to make that can be high impact (and some easier on the budget!). Take a peek!

Simple High Impact Wedding Tabletop Ideas | Hill City Bride Wedding Blog


  • LiveLoveAndAdventure - Such cute ideas! Sometimes little touches can make a big difference, and it’s not always about how much money you spend. Inexpensive can be beautiful as well!

  • Anita | Simplisticly So - Great ideas, for any table decor, really! They will come in handy the next time I’m hosting. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I really liked the black and gold plate with the checkered napkin.

  • Sania Ahmed - These are really classy… I recently got married otherwise would have definitely taken some idea from these. Nevermind I will bookmark this for my sister’s wedding ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Nina - I definitely agree about Pinterest and blogs. You can be anywhere in the world and get inspiration. I love the napkins in these ones. They’re so perfect and really set the tone for the wedding guests.

  • Monidipa Dutta - Simple yet pretty. If I ever plan to get married then I will keep these in mind.

  • Melissa Bradbury - There are some stunning pictures and great tips on this page. I love the arrangements!

  • John Sallie - Count me in for both Greenery and Feel of Found. I love the feel of natural.

  • Adam Brock - Beautiful! Nice resource here for wedding ideas. The artful arrangements and designs were fun to look at.

  • Abira Nasir - So elegant and classy. I love all the suggestions – especially choose the same but different. Adding green to your decoration is also a good idea if you really want to keep your decoration alive and happy.

  • Jelena - What wonderful ideas for a perfect dinner. I’ll have to use some and be romantic again!

  • Mayuri Saxena - These are some really cute ideas. I am going to take some inspiration from these tabletop ideas and use it when I host a party. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • David Elliott - Some of these wedding centerpieces are amazing. I really love the elegance of them as well as the simplicity of the design. so beautiful.

  • Chinedu - I love this post! It has given me ideas for weddings, dinner parties…anniversaries. I like the greenery idea and the creativity with the napkins. Nice ideas! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • fashionandstylepolice - I am loving the wedding tabletops ideas here. It is making me want to get married again.

  • Jean - These are some really lovely ideas for wedding tables! I had so much fun creating mine for my wedding.

  • Ali Rost - We went to a wedding last year where they had Legos in a bowl in the middle of the table. I couldn’t tell who had more fun with them, the kids or the adults! xx

  • Nidhi Fouzdar - I really love this post. Next year I am having the wedding of my cousin. I’ll pin down this post for wonderful ideas to be executed at her wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women - Some really lovely ideas included here. I personally like the classic and elegant approach to decorations at a wedding. You really can’t go wrong with that and you have certainly shown some wonderful pieces in this post.

Destination weddings are certainly gaining in popularity, and why not? It’s the perfect opportunity to combine your love for travel and new experiences with your wedding day. Plus, it’s a great way to cull through the guest list a bit for those who prefer a more intimate affair. No matter your reasons for wanting a wedding in a different locale, the Silicon Valley has the perfect place for you to do so by including Hotel Los Gatos in your nuptial plans.

Silicon Valley Hotel Los Gatos California Luxury | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog


  • Evelyn Hernandez - The hotel is gorgeous, I would love to stay here!

  • Preet - This is such a wonderful to celebrate your wedding day, I ahve to share this to my sister. She is getting married and may want to consider this place.

  • Alexandra - Wow. Beautiful! I think this looks like the perfect place to enjoy a wedding ceremony. Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jasmine Hewitt - The architecture and design of this hotel is beautiful! I am a sucker for ivy-covered buildings!

  • Dennis Littley - This would be a beautiful hotel for a wedding! Such a gorgeous venue. It would be such a great place to stay for fun too!

  • Yeah Lifestyle - That really does look like such a beautiful and lovely hotel to stay at – stunning surroundings! I can definitely see why people hold their wedding ceremonies there.

  • Kimberly Caines - This will be a perfect place for my sister’s wedding, I might recommend this one for her. Such a beautiful place to celebrate special day, thanks for sharing this!

  • Elizabeth - What an extraordinary venue! I can see why people would want to go there to get married – it’s stunning!

  • Laura - This place looks beautiful and I love the style of it x

  • Shaily - Wow! The hotel looks absolutely beautiful. I like how they have decorated it to match perfectly with its natural surroundings. It looks like a perfect blend of luxury and tranquility.

  • Catherine - Absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful spot for a wedding…definitely a night to remember. Thank you for the little tour!

  • Catherine - Absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful spot for a wedding…definitely a night to remember. Thank you for the little tour.

  • J - I love this hotel! The architecture looks Mediterranean and it is just so lovely! The pictures are beautifully composed as well!

  • Angelle - Hotel Los Gatos looks like a superb hotel. I love the architecture and all of the small details. You were able to get so many fantastic shots!

  • Jalisa Harris - That property looks like a heavenly place to visit.

There is just something to be said about a church wedding. Rows of pews, gorgeous stained glass, the classic feel. So many people are utilizing other types of spaces for their nuptials. So, when I see a church wedding it makes myย heart sing because it’s becoming so different! Such is the case with this UVA chapel wedding. I’d say that Matt and Carina’s big day makes a big case for staying traditional. So pretty!

UVA Chapel Wedding | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog


  • John Sallie - You are the exact reason why you hire professional photographers for your wedding. Beautiful work.

  • Corina - What a beautiful location. I also love Carina’s bouquet.

  • Aditya Tiwari - That is some absolute beautiful piece of work about dress and photography. Really beautiful location. Venue is pretty awesome.

  • Anna - This is indeed a gorgeous wedding set up. I’m not a fan of purple but it looks fantastic and tasteful here. I’m a bit sad that the church where we had our wedding did not let us decorate the place… :/

  • Kate - Great work! Beautiful pictures, may I ask you what settings did you use in the chapel?

  • Karla - These pictures make me wanna hire Ch & Sh Fredericks Photography for my wedding. I love how they captured all the details!

  • Christina | From Under a Palm Tree - Omg this wedding was so beautiful!! I love how subtle the color purple is, it’s very elegant. I just love everything about weddings! I love all the table settings and the decor. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy lol.

  • prateek goel - Great work done by photographers. The location, the people, the dresses, the cookies, everything looks amazing. Masterpiece.

  • blair villanueva - Weddings are one of the beautiful events in a woman’s life and also to many families. It is a celebration of union, and promises a future! Gorgeous photos you’ve got here.

  • Flyingkids - This is a really beautiful wedding. Congratulations to you and to your husband! Your dress looks amazing. Purple stood out in every detail of your wedding, from clothes to the venue. What a beautiful work ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Laura Dove - Oh wow amazing photographs! I love looking at other peoples wedding photos, I often wish I still had my wedding to come so I could use them as inspiration!

  • Whitney Kutch - So, so beautiful! And the pictures captured it perfectly. I adore the shoes and the color palette!

  • melissa cushing - Everything about this wedding is gorgeous. The dress is stunning and so my style and I love the pops of purple and the gorgeous flowers. I love it all and the photos are stunning. awesome job as always โ€ฆ. so gorgeous.

  • DANIELLE BRONSON - This is such a stunning wedding. The cupcakes actually made my mouth just water. How delicious they must have been. The brides shoes were gorgeous.

  • Angie - This is so beautiful! Its such a gorgeous church! I love old churches! Thanks!

Want a perfect engagement session combination? How about an adorable couple, their fun pup, and a gorgeous view off of Skyline Drive? After seeing this session today, I think you will agree that those combine in a trifecta of loveliness – despite a few raindrops along the way.

Skyline Drive Engagement Session at Shenandoah National Park | Hill City Bride Wedding Blog


  • Melissa - I love these pictures! I love how the dog is included. They are so well done!!

  • Monidipa Dutta - The pictures make me fall in love as usual.
    But the center of attraction this time was the doggie. It is lovely… โคโค

  • Rhian westbury - These are absolutely beautiful photos. And I love the ones which have the puppy in there too x

  • Elizabeth O - What a really beautiful session this is. Even with the rain it made for some great shots!

  • Wendy - This is refreshing to the eyes. Most engagement shoots involve dressing up and being all dramatic lol but I like this one. So simple, and the best part – the pup is present! ๐Ÿ˜€ Great shots!

  • Gill Trotman - Wow, absolutely beautiful photos! I love how the photographer integrated the coupleโ€™s dog in the first set of photos. You do amazing work. I look forward to seeing more in the future!

  • Fashion and Style Police - Loving the beautiful pictures here. Cute the dog got involved in the photo shoot. That is a great idea.

  • John Sallie - I think the light whitish grey sky made for a wonderful effect. My favorite pic is that of the three staring off into the distance ie the future. May they play pool for many years to come.

  • Clarice Lao / Camping for Women - This is really cute. I love that they included their pup in the shoot. Actually, we also included our three dogs too and it’s one of my favorite photos.

  • lisa - I love these photos, the background is lovely and I love that they have included their pup in them as well.

  • Mommy Sigrid - What a nice and casual prenup! No fancy outfits. Just two people in love. And I love how their emotions were captured in pictures. ๐Ÿ˜€ Congratulations to them!

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