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There is oh so much to love about this styled shoot – after all, it took place at a Virginia horse farm and has oh so many details. Let me tell you about some of my favorites!

  • It goes without saying that the location is absolutely stunning! With nooks and crannies and a house and horse barn to boot, it’s so gorgeous.
  • Speaking of horse barns – be sure to notice that the wedding ceremony actually takes place inside the horse barn. Of course, you need a fairly clean place to have a horse barn wedding (or not, depending on how much of a rustic wedding you want), but this session offers a high impact space for sure.
  • Florals of warm hues – orange roses, pink peonies and ranunculus along with tulips – are placed among white flowers and light blue hydrangeas. What a pretty color palette!
  • Vintage wedding touches – such as blue mason jars and antique china – are placed here and there. You will also see a little nook made just for the couple, which includes a vintage couch and other antique touches. So pretty!

There is so much to inspire you for event – whether or not a Virginia horse farm is your setting. I hope you enjoy the plethora of wedding ideas today!




This couple has quite a history together – they met at their local church and have been together for 7 years all through high school and college. Now they are finally engaged as you can see in this winter e-session! And their engagement story is quite unique. Sarah and Thomas are both fans of the fantasy genre. Together as a couple they have been writing their own fantasy novel with their personal avatars as the characters. When it came time to proposal, Thomas wrote his character proposing to Sarah’s character. They now have their own love story (fantasy story and their real story). Love is about celebrating each other and what is unique to you as a couple. So fun!

Here are some fun things about their shoot:

  • Washington DC is such a beautiful place for an engagement session. With beautiful buildings and nearby parks, you can get such a variety of looks as this couple did with their photographer, Diana Gordon Photography.
  • Sarah’s patterned shirt is so cute – love it! Plus, it color coordinates well with Thomas’s look.
  • I’ll say it a hundred times – a round solitaire is classy, beautiful and oh so timeless for an engagement ring.

Well, without further due, I hope you enjoy this winter e-session today!



photos by Meghan Vaughn Photography (left) and K Jugar Photography (right)

{This was originally featured in our recent wedding magazine.}

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to do it alone. The good news is that you’re not alone! Your wedding is about two people—you and your soon-to-be-spouse. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, keep the following suggestions in mind and get your groom involved in the prenuptial preparations.

  • Like all stereotypes, the one about men not being interested in wedding planning is not always true, but if your groom is a shy about pitching in, remember what he is interested in—you! If it’s about the floral centerpieces for the reception, he might not care much, but if it’s about saving you from total stress meltdown, he’ll probably care a lot. Let him know how much pressure you’re under and ask for his help.

Sierra Vista Bride and Groom as seen on Hill City Bride Wedding Blog

photo by Lauren Paige Photography, see the full wedding here

  • Next it’s time to pull out the old to-do list and decide, together, which tasks each of you will take on. Keep personal interests in mind. Let the music lover take charge of the playlist for the reception while the foodie handles the catering. If you feel strongly about flowers, keep that job for yourself and maybe suggest that your uber-organized groom handle the budget and keep track of contracts and appointments.
  • What about those things that neither of you are particularly thrilled about doing? Well, start by deciding whether they’re absolutely necessary. Do you really need a seating chart or would you rather just let your guests choose their own tables? For those less pleasant chores that you both feel necessary, divide them up evenly or work on them together.

Lynchburg Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride

photo by K Jugar Photography, see the full event here

  • One thing to keep in mind is that if you are asking for his help, you need to be willing to let go of total control. You’ve asked for his opinions and assistance, so it’s only fair that you listen and accept what he’s going to offer. In fact, a great way to get him excited about planning is to make sure that there’s something in it for him to be excited about.
  • What elements of your big day reflect your groom’s personality and style? Some couples get creative with a unique groom’s cake or find ways to incorporate his tastes as well as hers into the wedding cake. Music, wedding favors, and centerpieces can also be easily chosen to reflect personality and interests. What could you add in or change up to make him feel like it really is about him as much as about you?

Marriage is all about working together and there’s no better time to start then when you are planning the wedding. Even if he seems a little reluctant at first, take the time to ask for his help and get him involved. As you work together, you’ll be sure to end up with a wedding that both of you will love.

Aubrey Fredrickson is a happily married, mother-of-two, stay-at-home freelance writer who loves discovering and sharing unique ideas. 

Valentine’s Day is here – so exciting! If you are seeing all things red, then you are sure to enjoy our red wedding inspiration board. One thing I love about the color is that it fits for so many themes and holidays – Valentine’s Day, Christmas, 4th of July (any military, actually!) and other times. It’s a bright hue, but it’s one of my favorites. So whether you are planning a celebration in winter or summer, here are a few lovely ideas I found!

Red Wedding Inspiration as seen on Hill City Bride

  1. I’m always a sucker for cookies – especially when they can do double duty in sending a message to your sweetie. So cute! Photo by Elizabeth in Love.
  2. This barely iced cake is the perfect red wedding inspiration with drippy red flowers. Gorgeous! Photo by Mariel Hannah Photography.
  3. Ok, this idea is just too cute! I truly haven’t seen many (or any?) getaway cars with flowers on the back. Cans, streamers and the like, yes… but I totally adore this amazingly classy way of decorating the escape vehicle. Photo by Laura Gordon Photography with florals by Lindsay Coletta.
  4. Red flowers are so pretty – especially when interspersed with white. With peonies and striped tulips, there is a great variety of red out there when it comes to florals. Photo by Sophie Epton Photography with florals by Isa Events.
  5. Adding a line of low blooms adds interest to a table – especially when paired with romantic, modern lace and red napkins for impact. Photo by Aria Studios with florals by Passion Roots.

I hope you enjoyed today’s red wedding inspiration, and join us next Tuesday for another themed roundup of ideas for your own day.


We Virginians are so fortunate to have so many lovely wedding venues around. From downtown high rises to picturesque farms, the options are endless, and although it’s a “new” venue, Edloe Glades is full of history and beauty. With a gorgeous manor house, a lush landscape and even a pond (so great!), it’s the location that photographer Melissa Batman chose for a styled shoot. So lovely! Here are a few ideas from this rose gold wedding shoot that stand out to me:

  • The signature drink. I LOVE, love, love the idea of having a signature drink for a wedding. Isn’t it great? The “French Kiss” was the name of this creation. If you don’t want to have an open bar (expensive!), having a creatively styled drink for the evening is a perfect way to go. Don’t want alcohol? A non-alcoholic signature drink would work fine, too – or have the non-alcoholic version available for those who choose that option or for those under 21.
  • What a fun sign! Repurposing a long forgotten mirror (that was probably broken) into a chalkboard is so fun – no matter how you choose to incorporate it into your Virginia wedding.
  • Black chairs are a nice alternative to white, and the addition of mercury glass as flower vases is lovely.
  • The food looks DELICIOUS, and the cake is simple yet stunning. And, yes, there are edible sequins out there – who knew?
  • This couple is just the cutest! The “groom” is part Native American and also happens to be the photographer’s son. So fun!

Well, there’s enough inspiration here to keep you busy for a while, and if you want a rose gold wedding you will find lots of fun ideas. Enjoy!



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